Uma Szymon

From Dark City

Geist.png Very few with admit what haunts them.
Uma Szymon comes from a long line of mediums. The House of Szymon, once known for its nefarious history as a brothel for women of the night, somewhere it slowly turned into something more. Men would come for company and then seek the cards. Women would come to have their tea leaves read unaware their loved ones were upstairs. Some called them charlatans, others called them witches. But everyone still came calling. Today, there is only Uma Szymon, and while she no longer runs the House of Szymon as a brothel as her ancestors did, she does offer a menu of unearthly connections. People from all over New York and the world travel to Uma after hearing of her capabilities, which often means that she deals in appointments only.
Geist Info
1000 Stings This Geist rarely manifests, though when it does, the young girl standing behind Uma is hunched and twisted with scoliosis, their skin teaming with boils and crawling with wasps.
RP Hooks
  • Fortunes Told - Looking into the future or the past? Uma hopes to assist in answering the questions that keep you up at night.
  • Medium - Connecting those who have lost a loved one with their ghosts is what Uma is most famous for. She charges an arm and leg though, so you'd better of really loved that person.
  • Aid - It takes a lot to get Uma to do much for free. Though she's been known to assist other Sin-Eaters who do not possess the Oracle Haunt. Most often there is something in it for her you don't realize.
  • Ceremonies - A master in ceremonies, if you haven't the ingredients or items needed for a ritual or simply don't know the way, she's here to be your guide.
  • "Uma is everything that Nancy from the Craft wishes she was. You could say she's a bit mercenary in her methods, but at least when you talk with her you know the cost up front. She's helped me make sense of my life for the last decade. I'm decidedly Team Uma." - Wesley Lockwood

Uma Szymon (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 30's
Occupation: Crooked Medium
Public Effects: Presence 5
Closed Book
Striking Looks (Bewitching)

Burden: The Bereaved
Archetype: Undertaker
Aura Rating: 7
Spirit Rank: 5