From Dark City

EyesDark Brown
OccupationAcrobat & Escape Artist
ConceptAbandoned Replacement
RefinementAurum (Follower)
StatusActive PC


Tycho has wavy black hair, dark brown eyes, and is always dressed in clothes that could at best be described as Victorian Gothic dragged through a magpie's lair.

As an Extempore, his humor is Anaesthetic - which the body had in its system at the time of death.

Public Effects: Striking Looks 2

Disfigurement: Under the Azoth's illusion of how the body looked in life, Tycho's veins are black, giving his skin a deathlike hue.


To the best of Tycho’s knowledge, he came into being the moment his host body died: when Tyler Bonneau, only 22 years old, suddenly developed severe organ failure, got rushed to the ER, and was pronounced dead by midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Bonneau were there to witness their son’s final moments, telling him they loved him and begging for him to open his eyes even as the heart monitor flatlined. Then the eyes opened, and the body moved, but with no return of a heartbeat.

Rejected by Tyler’s family, the animated corpse wandered aimlessly, waiting for rot to set in.

With the time given to him, Tycho found a purpose in his wandering, and started visiting libraries in hopes of finding occult texts that might explain something of his strange creation. Unfortunately, Tycho could never stay in any one place long enough to learn much from the occult tomes he’d found. Sooner or later, someone would get the wrong idea and run him out of town.

As a performer, Tycho can be seen doing various acts of escape artistry or acrobatics on the tightrope, and often both at once. With no innate sense of fear, Tycho is fascinated by the reactions he can elicit from the audience when he abruptly tumbles from the wire, or when locked in an underwater tank.

RP Hooks

Voracious Reader: Whenever the Carnivale stops in a fresh location, Tycho can often be found trying to visit the local library or second-hand bookstore, pouring over occult texts as long as the Disquiet will allow. He's getting better at knowing when to cut and run, but occasionally he still finds himself chased back by an upset local or two.

The Man Who Didn't Know Fear: Tycho's performances can be breathtaking, but he only manages those death-defying stunts because fear is a foreign concept to him. He wants to understand what elicits these feelings in others.

Strange Gifts: One of the habits Tycho's picked up from his interactions with humans is the idea of gift-giving. To show his appreciation for a kind word or a good deed, Tycho will sometimes offer one of his weird "gifts" - maybe a comb he found, or a cold can of soda, or a half-used puzzle book.



Title Date Location Cast Summary
Cloudy with a Chance of Firestorms 2024-01-19 Phoenix Bastian, Maisie, Oz, Tycho The Throng travel into town to retrieve essential spare parts as Charlie's Wasteland grows around them.
Stray Threads and Loose Sequins Phoenix Tycho, Maisie Maisie asks Tycho's shirt what it wants to be when it grows up.
Starving 2024-01-22 Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Jack tells the rest of the Carnivale Created what she uncovered about Charlie.
If it Bends it can Break Phoenix Tycho On his way back from scavenging, Tycho helps a stranger.
This Is Just to Say Le Carnivale Magnifique Tycho, Bastian Bastian is wary of an Extempore bearing gifts.
Taking Things 2024-01-26 Le Carnivale Magnifique Jack, Tycho Jack and Tycho talk about the plan, and then some other things, after meeting with the rest of the Created.
Tycho and the Real Drone 2024-01-27 The Big Top Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Tycho got a drone! He also got shot. The group discusses both.
Bad News 2024-01-29 Jack's Trailer Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho, Tomas Jager Jack and Maisie want to tell the group something, but they're interrupted. Sort of. Tomas Jager has his Mask Off moment.
The Gang is not A-Muse-d 2024-01-30 Outside the Purple Tent Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Blame Tycho for this log title.
The Spark that Started It All 2024-02-02 Le Carnivale Magnifique Bastian, Tycho, Oz, Maisie, Jack, Cupid The gang confronts Madame V, and then some Pandorans show up, and a Firestorm breaks out over Phoenix.
Bullet for my Galatean-tine 2024-01-30 Le Carnivale Magnifique Tycho, Maisie Maisie fixes Tycho's shirt. This means they're officially friends.
Let's Rob Someone 2024-01-31 Le Carnivale Magnifique Tycho, Jack Jack and Tycho make a plan to get some new books, one way or another.
We Should Kill Him 2024-02-03 Rest Stop Jack, Tycho Jack and Tycho talk at the rest stop, and make a plan to get books, and maybe kill Tomas. Hopefully. He deserves it.
Mean Girls on the Road 2024-02-03 Jack's Trailer Bastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho Jack shows the throng a movie from her trailer while they're on the road. The movie is Mean Girls.
Acrobrats 2024-01-28 Le Carnivale Magnifique Cupid, Tycho Cupid and Tycho talk about humans while going through a routine.
Potato Tears 2024-02-11 Jack's Trailer Jack, Tycho Jack gives Tycho vodka and shows him the books she got on vampires. They agree Tomas needs to die.
When Lightning Strikes 2024-02-16 Reno Jack, Maisie, Tycho Tycho, Maisie, and Jack are out on a casual stroll when they run into something unexpected.
The Call of Divine Fire Jack, Maisie, Tycho Three Prometheans and a baby (Promethean)
What Could Go Wrong? 2024-02-28 Tycho Tycho has trauma.
Trip Into Town 2024-02-23 Reno Mall Jack, Maisie, Tycho Just a trip to the mall. And Jack stole a golf cart.
The Haunted Room of Illusions part 2 2024-03-09 Le Carnivale Magnifique Bastian, Jack, Maisie, Tycho The throng goes back to the Haunted House.