Two Of Pentacles

From Dark City

“Settling your debts won't be hard."Seeming-wizened.png
The wolf of the woods in Prophēteia. The Two of Pentacles was a known servant of the Oracle. As guests arrive and make their deals for the fortune's told, The Two of Pentacles was the man who collected that debt, no matter what was bargained. A life, a reputation, someone else's future. These things became coins, marked with the Oracle's sigil and collected and kept by the bounty hunter himself on her behalf.
RP Hooks
  • LOYAL - Its hard to say whether or not Two was a Loyalist. Whether because of his reputation or of his own accord he spent little to no time among the other minor arcana members. Though he did find himself Ironside after the Silent War, brought on the the Queen Of Swords, no one is certain if he meant to escape or was sent to hunt.
  • BROKEN - His mind did not fare well since his return to New York. His state of clarity is dangerously low. He was found by Dorian Aria, Cole Soleil, and Jack Kears in an artist installment and the Hedge, counting his collection of coins by the thousands, one by one.
  • RETURN - Since, 2P or Pence, as he's been labeled, has been brought to the Winter Therapist Phoebe Lawson in an attempt to heal the damage that was done during his exit from the thorns. Though no one is sure what to expect when he returns to full capacity.
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Two Of Pentacles (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: 30's
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Public Effects: Unknown

Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Courtless
Title: Two Of Pentacles