Trouble In Jersey

From Dark City


Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


Jersey City is the latest addition to Prince Natasha's Domain. Or is it? The Unaligned who reside there are getting restless, and trouble is stirring...


IC Rumors

Plot Details So Far

  • Crystal Chaos showed up to The Hamburg Ruins Elysium searching for the scourges. She claimed that they've killed her 'fans', and wants justice.
  • Alexis Donovan, Ayda Anwar, Hamish McGregor, Imani Hakim and Sasha Ivanov investigated the crime scene, Old Dominion Freight Line in Jersey City.
  • There were two victims, Tommy and Julie, both with severe bruising around their necks. Their bodies are at the Morgue.
  • Ayda Anwar, Alexis Donovan and Imani Hakim collected evidence on the scene, including a tooth from Tommy and a piece of paper with written '42G1 - K22 missing manifest'. The gates were not forced or lockpicked.
  • Hamish McGregor discovered from a rat that when the murders happened, the gates were opened at an unusually late hour and a single man entered.
  • Alexis Donovan discovered through Auspex that the culprit was Sasha Ivanov, but that he was forced to do it and then made forget by supernatural means.
  • Imani Hakim discovered that Crystal Chaos called in a favor to have the murder scene investigated before their arrival by Joey Temporo, an Unaligned Mekhet rumored to run South Jersey City. He tends to keep to himself and not get that involved with other Kindred - but unlike David, he is very much owning being a vampire. He's rumoured to be an intellectual collecting his own little occult library, trading in information to keep the trouble in Jersey swirling around him without it dragging him under.
  • Ayda Anwar and Alexis Donovan, thanks to Ayda's personal assistant, discovered, examining the bodies, that Tommy's bruises were considerably broader than Julie's, suggesting a different pair of hands. Since Tommy was killed by Sasha Ivanov, the second assailant is likely of a smaller build.
  • Ayda Anwar found out that the code '42G1' on the piece of paper indicates a 40 ft long, 8'6" tall general purpose container with only passive ventilation.
  • Ayda Anwar contacted Tolliver South, asking him to gather information about Crystal Chaos, Joey Temporo and the container 42G1 - K22.
  • Alexis Donovan, Ayda Anwar, Hamish McGregor and Sasha Ivanov went to visit Joey Temporo, after Hamish McGregor was able to track his base at Hudson House in Port Liberté.
  • Ayda Anwar led the negotiations with Temporo, bringing him a rare and appreciated gift. Sasha Ivanov waited outside, but Temporo's Oubliette blocked his vision of the inside of the building.
  • Temporo confirmed what the investigators discovered at the crime scene, and by his description, the second murderer should be Jessie Carlisle.
  • Temporo mentioned a Kindred named Ricardo as a third major player in New Jersey, besides himself and Crystal Chaos.
  • Ricardo claims Bayonne and parts of the Waterfront as his territory and arrived recently with a considerable retinue. He is Ventrue, so he could be the one behind the Scourges' framing.
  • Crystal Chaos interrupted the negotiations as they were about to reach their conclusion, entering Temporo's base with a group of her fans. Sasha Ivanov followed them inside in smoke form.
  • Crystal Chaos used her Majesty on Hamish McGregor and the others present, forcing him to reveal the truth about the murders. Even after knowing the Scourges were controlled at the time of the murders, Crystal Chaos confirmed her intentions to hunt them down, before going after those behind it.
  • Crystal Chaos was about to leave, together with Hamish McGregor that was still firmly under her control, but Sasha Ivanov intervened, draining the life out of one of her fans to provoke her and protect his Childe.
  • Before a fight could break out, Temporo bent the perception of his Oubliette to separate the two groups. Alexis Donovan, Ayda Anwar and Sasha Ivanov found themselves separated from the others and left the building. Crystal Chaos and Hamish McGregor likely left the place together.

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