Travis Martinez

From Dark City

Travis Martinez
BirthdateNovember 6, 1998
ConceptAvenging Prodigal Son
Played ByOmar Apollo
StatusActive PC


Curly dark hair and dark eyes, Travis has a clear Latin heritage on a wide-shouldered frame. For most people his expression is one of intensity - resting bitch face doesn't do it justice, this is resting murder face. His nose is just a little crooked from a break healed wrong. His left eyebrow has a thin line through it, a scar revealing a likely troubled past. Travis has an air that just puts people off.

IC Effects: Air of Menace, Status: From Here 1


The son of Lydia Grey, the 'free-spirited' daughter of the once-prominent Grey family, Travis is a product of Jericho through and through. In school he excelled in athletics, bullying, and thinking he was more charming than he was.

Then something happened that changed everything for the resident of Sunny Valley Trailer Park. Well, a few somethings, but primarily the return of James Evans' father - who just so happened to be forming a blood cult in the trailer park around himself. Working together, the two were able to remove Jimmy's father permanently, but not without several injured residents and a massive fire that destroyed the community center and a few residential trailers. Severely injured in the fight, Travis was taken care of locals - and introduced to the Vigil.

During this time his long-time 'significant other,' Clementine Barton, went missing. Travis was arrested for arson and the rumor spread that he was involved with the Jericho darling's disappearance as well. Eventually he was released, the fires having been deemed accidental, and Travis didn't stay in town long. He left for New York shortly after.

Now, after a several years, Travis is back.

RP Hooks

Prodigal Son: Travis has only recently returned to Jericho. He didn't leave under the best circumstances. It's been said he burned down the trailer park, that he attacked several people inside who are too scared to say anything, that he was responsible for Clem Barton's disappearance and they're unable to say what happened under the threat of being hurt. There's a lot to be said about Travis in the gossip circles, bless his heart, and none of it is good.

Last Call: Travis works as a bartender at the Schooner, the latest shifts possible when most of the families have gone home for the evening and it's the local drunks and ruffians.

Momma's Boy: It's common knowledge that Lydia Grey 'disgraced' her family by having a child out of wedlock. It's common knowledge that Travis' father left when he was three and never came back. It's common knowledge that talking shit about Lydia Grey in private is accepted, but talking shit about Lydia Grey in front of Travis is asking for a concussion.


James Evans: Partners in crime, bonded by desperation and emotion, there's a lot to process there. But one thing is for certain: a slur against Jimmy is looking for the speaker to leave with a fat lip, and even when James thinks he's hiding in the corner there's one of set of eyes that finds him.

Clem Barton: Thick as thieves through their school years, it was often joked the two would be the sickening high school sweethearts to be married decades later. Now everything has changed - or was it how it appeared to be from the beginning? No one gets a smile out of sour Travis like Clem.

Hannah Carpenter: Travis' expression says it all: he has an attitude and isn't afraid to tell someone to fuck off. Travis' expression around his Work Wife says it all: respect, admiration, and a fierce protectiveness.

Rusty Murphy: There weren't a lot of people that wanted to have anything to do with Travis when he came back to town. Rusty took him in and the two have been close ever since. Roommates, friends, and commiserates in the injustices of Jericho life. And though Rusty might be older, might be wiser, it seems that Travis is looking out for the other more often than not.

Baylor Grey: Want to see Travis turn into a sulking teenager again? Invite his uncle over. Eyes have never rolled so hard.

Colt Murphy: Why does Colt drink for free when Travis is working? Fuck off, that's why. Why does Travis treat Colt with the respect one might reserve for their own parents? You can fuck right off again, that's why. And why, after getting Colt super wasted, will Travis make sure to drive him home or make sure he gets there okay? Well, I'd say fuck off, but it's probably obvious that he holds the man in high regard by now.

Jamie Murphy: She saved Travis' life once and he's never forgotten that fact. Jamie gets respect from the delinquent even if she doesn't ask for it, and Travis believes that matters more.

Arlene Kinsey: She's sour and rude and generally unagreeable and Travis can't help but treat her like the little sister he never had, much to Arlene's annoyance.




Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tension at the Schooner 2023-06-12 The Schooner Bar & Grill Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, James Evans, Jamie Murphy A quiet night full of tension at the bar and grill.
Omelet You Finish 2023-06-14 Rusty Murphy's House Travis Martinez, Aya Bishop, Arlene Kinsey Arlene visits to sell some weed, but makes a new friend! Aw!
An Old Shirt 2023-06-15 The Schooner James Evans, Travis Martinez James tries to give Travis an old shirt of his, Travis gives it back. That's all. Nothing more, surely.
Sitting on the Pier 2023-06-12 Colt Murphy, Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy Colt gets drunk and the Murphys drag each other.
Radio Chatter and Half a Bottle 2023-06-17 The Coyote Den Colt Murphy, Jamie Murphy, James Evans, Daniel Bowen, Eddie Jenkins, Travis Martinez The cell gets news of strange sightings nearby and a missing cell in the area.
Medical Delivery 2023-06-19 Jericho Emergency Medical Travis Martinez, Jamie Murphy Travis meets Jamie for lunch at the hospital and they hint, and openly discuss, some drama.
Waffle House Reunion Waffle House Clem Barton, Travis Martinez Clem and Travis reunite in person after too long.
A Strange Sanctuary Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Travis Martinez Travis and Lucy dance around their real issues.
Frenemies The Schooner Travis Martinez, Angel Cleary Old enemies maybe become new maybe-allies.
A Night Out to a Night In to a Night Out Again Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy Travis makes Rusty cry and do something ridiculous.
The Hootenanny 2023-06-16 Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Laura Thompson, Jamie Murphy, Arlene Kinsey, Eddie Jenkins, Rebecca Willows A Hootenanny at June's Country Kitchen
Into the Woods 2023-06-26 James Evans, Travis Martinez James and Travis find more than they're looking for when searching the woods.
Drag the Waters 2023-06-28 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Colt Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Henley Travis ambushes Henley, interrogates him, throws him into a pond, and kidnaps him with the help of Rusty and Colt.
Canvassing the Woods Broken Ridge Forest Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell follows up on what they found in the bog and chases down something dumb enough to run.
Just Don't Tell Anyone 2023-07-03 Rusty's House Travis Martinez, Arlene Kinsey The two friends set things straight.
4th of July - On The Roof Thompson Farmhouse Angel Cleary, Arlene Kinsey, Eddie Jenkins, Eric Schmidt, Jamie Murphy, Laura Thompson, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez The rooftop chatter at the 4th of July party hosted by Dr. Thompson.
4th of July - In the Backyard 2023-07-04 Thompson Farmhouse Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Henley The outcasts gather outside and have a party of their own.
4th of July: Bruce Springsteen Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez Angel and Travis follow Springsteen's lead and dance in the dark.
Summer Scrimmage 2023-07-01 Grey County High School Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, James Evans, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The cell takes on the one and only Grey County Wampus Cat!
Dinner and Discord 2023-07-07 The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Lucy Jordan, Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Lucy tries to enjoy a quiet meal at the Schooner while Travis and Angel try to make each other squirm, and Hasil makes things awkward
Shoot to Debilitate Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez Angel and Travis have several competitions and one of them is even shooting!
Ghost Boy Piggly Wiggly, Hasil's Cabin Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Travis smooths things over with Hasil and they bond over groceries and gas
What to do with a Wampus Cat Murphy Family Farm Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell discusses what to do with their newest addition
We've Got Our Work Cut Out The Den Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez Jamie and Travis get to work researching the Wampus Cat and have a heart-to-heart.
Paper Trail Abbot's Point Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez Two best friends go on a totally normal hike to find some divorce papers
The Kennel 2023-07-15 Murphy Family Farm Jamie Murphy, Colt Murphy, Travis Martinez, Eddie Jenkins The Cell deals with The Wampus Cat, One way or another.
Blue Water Escape 2023-07-16 Angel Cleary, Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez Jericho goes to Blue Water and eats snails.
For Science! Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez Angel and Travis experiment for science!
Thumbs Up Emoji Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez Angel sends a thumbs up emoji.
Jericho Fight Club 2023-07-20 Angel Cleary, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez Rusty forces information out of Travis by physically assaulting him.
Are You Hungry? 2023-07-20 Jamie's House Angel Cleary, Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez "Rusty" cooks dinner for his wife and their friends after the boys have a fight club.
Trouble at Redwood 2023-07-29 The Coyote Den Jamie Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Travis Martinez, Colt Murphy, Hannah Carpenter The Cell sits down to game plan, when trouble strikes.
Movie Night at Channing Farm Channing Farm Angel Cleary, Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Colt Murphy, Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Erica Channing, Henley The folks of Jericho gather for a movie night out at the Channing Farm.
My Best Friend's Dad's Exorcism 2023-08-08 Murphy Family Farm Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez, Eddie Jenkins, Colt Murphy The Cell gets together to try to break the spell on Colt
Night Patrol - Bethlem Memorial Cemetery 2023-08-12 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell gets ambushed on patrol in the cemetery. Where did that thing take Colt?!
What Was That Thing? 2023-08-20 The Coyote Den Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell discusses what attacked them and make a plan for finding Colt.
Looking for Colt 2023-08-24 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Travis Martinez, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Colt Murphy The Cell Searches for Colt
The Cell Finds a Finger Murphy Family Farm Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The cell finds a finger that beckons towards more clues.
Night Patrol - Property Perimeter 2023-10-29 Murphy Family Farm Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell finds trouble skulking around the farm, and trouble really finds Eddie.
An Uninvited Visitor 2023-11-05 The Coyote Den Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell's meeting about the latest 'animal attack' is crashed by an uninvited guest with an offer to help.