Trash to Treasure

From Dark City


Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire and Ghoul characters.


Johnny Braddock informant was offered a new 'drug' that he is unaware is Vampire Blood. A heavily guarded junkyard seems to be where the informant is getting their regular 'fix.'

Plot Details So Far

Per Johnny Braddock-

  • There is a junkyard in Long Island, technically outside of NYC.
  • This junkyard is fenced off with barbed wire and has more guards than a junkyard needs.
  • There is a like, trailer-office thing which is specifically guarded, and other office buildings also in use.
  • The guarded trailer is one of the locations where people are being given Vitae and ghouled.
  • Oh yeah, seemingly random people are being picked up in bars and such, they are taken to meet a dealer who gives them their first dose of Vitae.
  • When they want to re-up, they come to this junkyard to get that Vitae they crave.
  • These ghouls know nothing about what they're receiving other than it feels awesome.
  • The ghouls are being told they're under some sort of probation, and if they show they've got the right stuff, they will be given more information.
  • This is a problem for us because some of these ghouls are coming from within Mab's territory, NYC residents.
  • Mab's law is basically "Unregistered Ghouls are not protected". There hasn't been any public punishment of anybody who has created unregistered ghouls.
  • Dazai sees that this could be a problem anyway and wants to know what's going on, who's behind it, and why.
  • Johnny has an informant among the ghouls, which is how he came to learn of this place.
  • The junkyard is divided between the actual junkyard's business and employees and another set who are simply using the area for their ghouling operations.
  • There are two separate security systems in play, the exterior cameras hooked up to one system and the interior ones hooked up to a different one altogether.
  • Whoever's here can seemingly see through obfuscate, morph like gangrel, and hide with obfuscate.
  • The ghouls on site are incredibly powerful, or lucky.

Get Involved!

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IC Rumors

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  • Rumor 3

The Team So Far


  • Johnny wants the team to meet up and go over the problem, spitball ideas on how to work out what's going on and go from there.

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