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"Once you stop learning, you start dying.”
- Albert Einstein



The Bound:


Trajan, on glance, is a handsome man probably in his later twenties, maybe early thirties, easy going and readily interested in whatever you're about to say. On further inspection he tops at just the average height of five feet and nine inches and his build is that of someone conscious of their health, mildly toned, athletic but not of the practiced sort. A straight-postured individual with a disposition that says, without words, ‘I’m sure of myself’. His hair and beard are kept cropped somewhat short, but this fluctuates with the normal ebb and flow of hair growth, while he is overall well-groomed. His brown eyes are set within an almost cherubesque kindness that is his face, perpetuating a certain youthfulness that perhaps does not match his age.
Trajan speaks in a clipped tone, resonating a certain ‘educatedness’ echoing the old Yankee Brahmins. This style provides a certain dichotomy to his aforementioned youthful face. Trajan dresses himself well, clothing fitted, with appearances of one who shops at the moderately high-end fashion spots, keeps his shoes polished, nails trimmed, and so on. He presents himself with a clashing of an educated ambience all the while genial and passionate, comfortably aligned with a down-to-earth informality and nonchalance, an ease with those outside of spheres such as Columbia, someone who is used to life further in the depths of a city like New York.


The Geist:

Rank: 3
The Windblown is a figure in mild mimicry of a bed-sheet ghost – a drifting and seemingly untenable body, not but a sheet of the finest white silk save for a sunken face, as if the sheet were held tight against a visage that was withering away into a mere skull. In life she was gainsaid her desire for... more, derailed by... something, or someone. All details unknown not unlike that which hosts those minutia, the Windblown herself. The Windblown has a high sense of justice while also being a hasty entity, acting seemingly on impulse.

 xxxxxRumours – True & False
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Eye Colour Dark Brown
Age Early Thirties
Height 5'9"
Occupation Professor, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Nickname(s) Tre
Public Effects Striking Looks • (Charming); Fame • (Non-Fiction Author); Inspiring •••
Burden The Abiding
Archetype Mourners
Krewe None
Played By: Kelvin Harrison
User: User:Gorgonzola
Contacts & Comradesxxxxx 
Troy Hammond - Troy and Tre have a history together, linking back to Tre's father, the senior Professor Ellsworth. A family friend and confidant, Troy is a respected man by Tre.

Zahira bint Khalida El Hachmi - Zahira was among Tre's first close contacts in the Bound community. Tre has subsequently become a boon companion of Zahira, a budding friendship growing in the process.
 xxxxxRP Hooks
Ivy in the Veins & New York on the Brain
Tre grew up around Columbia University; his dad was a legendary professor of history (now retired) at the Ivy League school, Professor Ellsworth. Tre is subsequently a close friend of Troy Hammond and anyone is those circles will likely know him and/or of him. Tre also grew up in the city -- he's been here his whole life, though somewhat well traveled to boot. Tre knows people in the city from just about all walks of life as a true Gothamite.
The People's Professor
Formally known as Professor Ellsworth himself, Tre teaches in the History Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Here he disseminates a new-wave understanding of history, working to both undo the mainline narrative that has long existed as well as instill in his students - mostly inner-city kids - a sense of their historical place and the kinetics they can wield to change the future.
The Pen is Mightier
re circles about a degree of fame. Trajan Ellsworth is the author of a book, now two years old, called Walking in Shadows. This bit of historical literature became a smashing hit amongst circles with an interest in history, though not a New York Times bestseller. The book tackles the legendary Walking’s Stand event, which was the heroic stand-your-ground defense by William Walking in the waning years after the American Revolution. Tre had proven it to be a falsehood. He had revealed that the Lenape people had been butchered, the attack wasn’t on Walking, but the other way ‘round, and rather than a defense against a 'wild attack' as the long running narrative insisted, it turned out to be a cover up of a bloody massacre enacted by Walking and his men. To controversy and praise, Walking in Shadows by Trajan Ellsworth made incredible ripples in the realm of history – marking him as a target for ramped up patriots as well as noteworthy amongst the scholarly who continue to re-examine the increasingly murky past that is America.
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