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Interactions with the Danse: The Toreador are the Patrons of the arts, stretching back since there have been artists and Daeva. For a Toreador, art is the reason for existence in the Requiem, art never dies. A Bloodline that hails back as far as the Camarilla, theirs is a history old enough that the Invictus takes particular note. The Toreador's greatest strength is said to be art itself, painting with tones both subtle and vibrant, such as simply changing a red light to green, or to evoke true artistic passion in even the coldest hearts. This allows the Invictus or Carthians to weave their dominance in ways unseen and subtle, to mark territories, items, and even people, extending their power through new avenues previously unseen by their enemies.

Toreador act as patrons or artists, though in Kindred society, their position is a more difficult one to pin down. They can be either socialite butterflies, or prefer to paint with one color only, utilizing a sword instead of a brush. Within a modern court, they can be found scattered among the ranks of Herald, Harpy, Player, Librettist, even Scourge among those who take the art of war literally. Due to their unique Devotions giving them capacity in a range of different scenarios, Toreador can pop up in scenarios outside of the expected, such as at a car shop, giving an mechanic a boost to cherry out their vehicle, or along for the ride on a hunting party, despite having no combat capacity, simply to grant the group fervor in their endeavor.

When flying solo, Toreador are the life of the party, either arranging them or attending them, turning carousing, combat, or partying itself into a higher form. As for the Covenant they gravitate towards, the Invictus is the obvious choice with its Players and Librettists, though just as many Toreador gravitate towards the Carthians due to wanting more freedom to express themselves.

Clan: Daeva

Nickname: Epicurians, Patrons, Conservators, the Petty (derogatory term)

Bloodline Bane:

  • The Conservator's Curse: Toreador subsist off art itself, and their bodies demand vitae from artists. Blood from anybody that is dedicating their time to create art, akin to a part time job or higher, applies. If a Toreador drinks blood from somebody that is not an active artist, their blood is treated as 'Cold Blood'. This invisible restriction levies a penalty to Hunting checks equal to 5 - (Higher of Allies or Status (Arts/Entertainment/High Society); the Toreador's connections and clout allow them an easier time to find and identify artists on the fly.

Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Vigor, Majesty, Auspex

Bloodline Gift:

  • The Selective Muse: All members of the Toreador Bloodline gain the Patronage Devotion for free.


Active PC's
None Active.

Active NPC's

Bloodline Devotions: The Toreador have found power from being in tune with the culture of humanity. Some would see their obsessions to be aesthete, but that discounts the benefits of having mastery over the immortal emotional works of humanity.


Requires: None
Vampires have always appreciated artists throughout the ages, but none have established a connection to the pulse of art as the Toreador have. With but a touch and a whisper, they not only empower the artists and artisans of the world to complete incredible works, but also ensure they do not rise up against their Patron, and of course, the Toreador is there to reap the rewards on both ends.

  • Cost: 0-1 Vitae
  • Requirement: Touching willing 'Vassal'
  • Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Majesty
  • Action Type: Instant
  • Duration: One Task or Scene
    • Roll Results:
  • Dramatic Failure: Such a failure causes the Toreador to lose access to Patronage for the rest of the evening.
  • Failure: The Toreador fails to inspire their target.
  • Successes: The Toreador must touch their target, who must be aware of their presence, and be willing to the effects. Effected targets are given the Swooning and 'Vassalage' (below) Conditions. The Toreador can have Patronage on one Mortal target at a time, and on this Mortal, both conditions are condition is persistent, until the Toreador severs the connection. The Toreador can also affect others (beyond their mortal of choice) by spending 1 vitae and meeting all other requirements of Patronage, but this extra effort only lasts for one scene. This transitory use of Patronage can affect any sapient creature, including non-mortals.
  • Exceptional: The target gains Inspired to be used on a mundane Crafts or Expression roll. This Inspired is also lost when the target loses the Vassalage Condition.
  • XP Cost: None (Bloodline Gift)

  • Condition: Vassalage
    • The Vassal has allowed themselves to be inspired by the intoxicating and obsessive love and adoration of their Patron. The target gains a bonus equal to the Patron's Majesty Dots on all mundane Crafts/Expression rolls towards the creation of 'art'; what counts as 'art' is up to the artist. Targets become obsessed with the creation of art, and any day not spent working towards the creation of art levies a -1 cumulative penalty towards all other actions that don't benefit from Vassalage. Violent, aggressive, or insubordinate actions directly against the Patron take a penalty equal to Majesty dots.


Requires: Vigor 2
The Toreador have learned how to turn the spotlight on a group, bolstering their spirits with divine inspiration.

  • Cost: 1 Willpower
  • Requirement: The vampire must make a verbal invocation to direct the effects.
  • Dice Pool: None
  • Action Type: Instant
  • Duration: One Scene
    • Effect: The Toreador can impart the Inspired Condition upon a group of their allies towards a specific goal that must be determined when Brilliance is used. This requires a verbal invocation of some kind to direct them towards the course of action they are Inspired towards. A target can only be affected by Brilliance once per scene. This condition never grants Beats.
  • XP Cost: 2 Experience

Eye of the Beholder

Requires: Auspex 2
The Toreador can choose a particular piece of art so that the love and awe of those who view the art have it imprinted. A piece of the viewer's admiration is stored in the art, so that later, the Toreador can drink it in.

  • Cost: 2 Vitae
  • Requirement: Must touch a piece of art, or a tool/accessory for performance art.
  • Dice Pool: None
  • Action Type: Instant
  • Duration: One Week per Blood Potency
    • Effect: The Toreador must touch a particular piece of art and spend 2 vitae, marking it as 'Chosen'. For performance art, this can be a particular tool or accessory used by the performer. Every sapient creature that willingly views the Chosen art loses one Willpower; they can only be affected once per scene. For every five Willpower collected, the Chosen stores one Willpower point that can be later withdrawn as an instant action, requiring touch. Chosen art can store as much Willpower the Size of the piece (or 5 for a performer).
    • Art on general show to the public has a different interaction with the viewers. Those who willingly view the Chosen still lose one Willpower, but it requires a larger audience to have any tangible gains. Per Week or Event where the Chosen art is showcased, the character can roll Intelligence + Expression, with a bonus based on how popular the showing is. Each success grants one accumulated Willpower, up to a max of the Size of the piece.

When the Duration ends, any remaining Willpower is lost.

  • XP Cost: 2 Experience

World as Canvas

Requires: Majesty 5
The Toreador have learned how to create art from nothing, creating visual displays that obscure the real world. Subtle illusions can go without detection; more impossible illusions fail to trick, but can still be enjoyed for the art they are.

  • Cost: 1 Willpower, 1+ Vitae
  • Requirement: None
  • Dice Pool: None
  • Action Type: Instant
  • Duration: One Scene
    • Effect: The Toreador spends a Willpower and 1 Vitae to create a physical illusion that affects all five senses, with a maximum area of 20 cubic feet per Blood Potency. Kindred may end the illusion as a reflexive action. This illusion can be stationary, or be up to (Majesty + Blood Potency) rounds of activity on a loop. Tactical illusions can be felt, but have no real substance; they cannot block, deal damage, or hold weight. Should an illusion be proven false (walking through an illusionary wall), all viewers can disbelief the illusion. Similarly, inherently impossible illusions (a dragon, turning corn to bees, mimicking magic, etc) are automatically disbelieved. Should the Toreador attempt to create an implausible illusion, the ST can require a secondary check towards creating the illusion which is contested by Wits + Investigation (or relevant skill to the type of illusion); Success for the viewer means they disbelieve the illusion. Auspex can also trigger a Clash of Wills to disbelieve the illusion.
    • Disbelieving World as Canvas allows the viewer to perceive or not perceive the illusion as they prefer. It can never hinder them, but they can still enjoy the aesthetics if they desire.
    • At any time during World as Canvas, the Toreador can spend 1 Vitae and an Instant Action to change the illusion as if they had first used the power -- adding, removing, or changing the 'loop'.
  • XP Cost: 3 Experience

Watchful Eyes

Requires: Auspex 4
The Toreador anoints a piece of physical art to form a bond between them. In the following nights, the character can sense the world around the chosen piece of art; eyes following those who walk past.

  • Cost: 1+ Vitae
  • Requirement: Anoint vitae into a piece of art, which is absorbed
  • Dice Pool: None
  • Action Type: Instant
  • Duration: One Week per Blood Potency
    • Effect: The Toreador must anoint a piece of art with as much blood as it's Size; the blood is absorbed into the painting and does not impact the physical appearance of the piece chosen. At any point during the duration, the character may spend 1 vitae to extend their senses to the world around the piece chosen -- as if they were standing in the spot of the art. The Toreador can use all senses and Auspex, but no other Disciplines/Sorcery. While splitting their senses, the Toreador suffers a -2 to perception from their 'natural' senses, but are able to ask of anybody viewing the art "How do they feel about this piece and what is their strongest emotion about the piece?" for free without a roll. Clash of Wills against anybody that has supernatural means of hiding their thoughts.
  • XP Cost: 3 Experience