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Mister South hails from a lineage of Nosferatu based in London known for a fierce independent streak and abject neutrality. Why is a South in NYC? Why, to hail to the new chief, of course. Ask ten people who have met the man and you will get ten different answers as to what kind of person Tolliver is.

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RP Hooks
- Possessing decades of diplomatic experience, this Unaligned likes to hobnob with the rest, and sometimes the best.

- Enjoys a good beer, despite the difficulties of such activities for Kindred
- Loves the Opera, and is looking to become a patron of such art in NYC
- Operates a small law firm in Jersey Shore - South & Able - that is rumored to be an excellent place to communicate with the Mafia. If you really need to.

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Tolliver South

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The Deets

Apparent Age: late 40s
Height: 5'10"
Weight: stiff as a board, light as many bags of feathers
Concept: The One You Don't Admit Knowing
Profession: Diplomatic Go Between
Public Effects: Barfly, City Status 1, Law and Gov. Status 1, Criminal Status 2

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Unaligned

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Played By: User:CamC