Ticket System

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Where Do I Find The Ticket System?

Tickets are processed by our Discord Bot, Ticketer.

How Do I Create an Account?

If you have a Discord account, you're done. If you don't, make one!

How Do I Submit a Ticket?

Step One: Navigate to the #create-new-ticket channel under the Support category in the Dark City Discord.


Step Two: Click the 📩 emoji reaction on the pinned Request Ticket post.


Step Three: A private channel will be automatically created, and a Staffer will be assigned to your ticket.

Ticketer at work.jpg

Step Four: Use one of the templates from below and submit it to the generated channel.

Ticketer at work2.jpg

Step Five: Once your sheet has been updated or your request responded to, click the 🔒 emoji reaction to close the ticket, and then the ✅ emoji reaction to confirm.

Ticketer at work3.jpg

Step Six: The ticket will then be closed, and the Staff member will send you a link to a transcript of the ticket for your own records.


Right here!

Please remember for all tickets to include which character they're for!

XP Spend Template

Please remember for ANY XP spends, where appropriate, include the write up of the item. This goes for things like Merits, Powers, Equipment, etc.

If your spend is Renown over 3 or Status over 2, or any increase in Vampire related status, use the following template and put it in a new ticket for the sphere of the character.

Stat Purchased: Renown # / Status # (Sphere)
XP Spent: ##
Logs: Links to logs you feel support this purchase.
Justification: Your written justification for why you feel your character merits this stat increase.

For spends of all types, staff will then adjust your sheet and XP.

Downtime Action Template

If you are using more than one stat in your action, just repeat that line as needed.

Downtime Action: Title Of The Action
Stat Used: Stat: ## (Book: pg##)

Detail what action you are trying to achieve. Be concise, but give pertinent details. If you are investigating something, how are you investigating it? Provide context to your goals and rolls.
  • Instead of "I use my character's Investigation to get information", for example, consider, "My character researches X's background and profile, and spends a few days tailing them to get a sense of their routine and see if they're hiding anything."
  • Instead of "I use my character's Contacts to get information", for example, consider, "My character reaches out to their City Morgue Contacts to find out if there was anything unusual about the bodies that were discovered."

Add Equipment Template

For each item being added, use this template. Staff will add it to your logged character sheet for you. If you acquired this item through a plot scene, drop the link to the log in the Method section. Otherwise list the merit you are using and its level.

Item: Name of item purchased.
Book: Book pg##
Cost: ## Availability
Method: Resources/Status/Allies/Etc. ##

Custom Crafting Template

Refer to the crafting system help file for more information. Add the template block to your ticket, and paste in the relevant stat block for the equipment you are creating from the list below. Replace the italicized text.

Custom Crafting: Name of item being crafted
Based On: Name of base equipment. (Book: pg##)
Roll Bonuses: Workshop bonuses, powers, merits, etc. that modify your roll and its circumstances.
Added Tags: List the tags you are adding to the item and their offsets, if any.
Stat Bonuses: List the stat changes you are making to the item.
Offsets: List the offsets used to pay for the bonuses.

Base Stats: Insert the stat block of the item using the templates below.

Modified Stats: Insert the stat block of the item using the templates below.

Please provide a brief description of the resulting item, and the process used to create it.

For Armor:

Type: Armor Type, Rating: ##/##, Strength: ##, Defense: -##, Speed: -##, Availability: ##, Coverage: Torso, Arms, Legs

For Helmet:

Type: Helmet, Rating: Special, Strength: 2, Defense: -1, Speed: 0, Perception: -1, Availability: 3, Coverage: Head

For Melee Weapons:

Type: Weapon Type, Damage: ##B/L/A, Initiative: -##, Strength: ##, Size: ##, Availability: ##, Tags: List, Effects: List

For Ranged Weapons:

Type: Weapon Type, Damage: ##B/L/A, Range: Range, Capacity: Capacity, Initiative: -##, Strength: ##, Size: ##, Availability: ##, Tags: List

Scene Request Template

If you need or want a scene to be run by staff, use the following template. Please allow time for staff to find an available ST for your requested time slots.

Scene Request: Brief Description
PCs Involved: List all PCs you intend to have attend this scene.
NPCs Requested: List of NPCs your character wishes to meet with, if any.
Availability: List several windows during which you and all other players will be free starting at least 24 hours from submission going forward a week.
Description: Explain what you are looking for staff to provide you out of this scene, and any information we might need to know going into it.

PRP Template

Please note: You do not need approval if you are using Pre-Approved stats, NPCs with Retainer Rules, or are in Werewolf splat and using a spirit of Rank 1 or 2.

Venues invited: Changeling, Geist, Mortal, Vampire, Werewolf, Civil Society (any) or ALL

Date(s) expected to run:

Purpose of PRP: This is a goal statement for what the PRP is being run to accomplish. This may be something simple such as “give the participants a bad guy to fight” or it may be more specific “uncover a totem spirit for wolf pack.”

Official NPC(s) needed and purpose:...

Relates to the current City/Sphere/Faction Plot:...

Custom Monster to be used: Include Stats

Boss Monster to be used: Include book and page.

Power or Item Reward: Include any power or item expected to be earned by participants (book and page number) OR attach stats or Request for already approved Custom Item/Power

Long Term Consequences: Any plot which may cause a permanent or lasting change to the City or connected Realms (i.e., creating a Wound)