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Background: Theresa Davis comes from the heart of Texas, but don't mistake her for no southern Belle. Born to a prominent Rancher, she was more up to task for what her family saw as man's work, shooting, riding and wrastlin the cattle, scouting out their property. She was with her father when they discovered oil on their property, and she wanted in on what would be the family business. She'd have to wait a long time before she would finally gain control of the family business, and by that time she was already dead. But the Truth is, she preferred it that way. She wasn't a Belle, no sir, She was shark, and her unlife as a kindred just honed those killer instincts she had in the boardroom, or dealing with dignitaries. She serves her city and the Invictus these nights by leveraging her connections and her wealth to accomplish great things.

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RP Hooks
Root of all Evil: Theresa's Business is the Business of Oil and Blood. She's talented at directing the messier aspects of her business to others, but how long will it be before The consequences of what she brings into the world finally catches up with her?

Recent Arrival Theresa's come to New York to move her base of Operations to the greatest city in the world, and while she is established, to really solidify her position here, she'll have to make herself an indispensable asset to the current administration. Just how far will she go?

Southern Hospitality Theresa has a bad habit of playing with specific mortals she takes a shine to, hosting foundations to fund their hobbies or academic studies, and while many find to be a charming aspect of the Mogul, other smell a more sinister motivation, or worse, a weakness.

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Theresa Davis
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The Masquerade

Real Age: 121 Years Embraced
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Profession: Oil Magnate, Lobbyist, Investor, Industrialist.
Public Effects: Invictus Status: 2, Corporate Status:2, City Status: 2

The Danse Macabre

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Mask: Competitor
Dirge: Authoritarian

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Played By: InebriatedLosbster