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Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changelings and Hedge Inclined characters.


Charles Throkmorton wishes to try to find salvageable parts out of the burned down Court Library.

Plot Details So Far

  • The history of the Freehold of Chrome and Neon is unrevealed to its denizens. A curse hangs over the Freehold and all its members, a vicennial curse, lingering two decades as a miasma to memory. As transcribed from the words of Charles Throkmorton, "You all are questioning yourself why is it so that we never talk about the past why is it so that we never mention why this war happened or why we have French names in spring, why we have German names in summer or why we have deadly flowers as winter... We can't tell you, you can't read about it, you will never know until the curse is lifted." The Freehold used to have a Scribe and a Library, but both were lost in a fire long ago, believed to be linked to an unknown, or un-remembered, war. The Year of the Fire, as it is known, remains a mystery but Throkmorton has set to task the Lost of the Freehold to recover their memories. The remains of the Library must be investigated. The Freehold needs its memories back, it needs its history.

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IC Rumors

  • The Freehold is cursed, twenty-years going. The curse banishes all memories from the Freehold's Courtiers and therefore none can recall why or how the Library burnt, how or why there is no longer a Scribe. Rumour abounds about a war occurring those two-decades ago, but again, memories are absent.
  • Daphne, aka Byzantine, one of those recently released from the slave market at the Medina, has information regarding the Library. According to her, there is a doorway to the Lost Library in the Cloisters, a doorway marked with three fish in a circle. This door requires a special key to open. The secret of this key is known to "the Twins", who reside in the hedge along the Subway System. Chester Harrington is organizing an expedition to find them with Daphne as guide.
  • A band of Freeholders ventured into the depths of New York, exploring the underground to follow a rumour about The Twins. The party of Daphne Avramidis, Raber Sehbaz, Chester Harrington, Aksel Arkwright, Avery Vogel, Ciara Thorne, Li Hua Aleanor Bulanteli, and Sun-Wu Renli discovered The Twins after sneaking their way past a tour group and fighting back a chittering horde. A deal was struck with The Twins, Sráthach and Uathach: Within one Lunar month three unspecified items will be delivered to The Twins. Upon the first, information on the Vex King shall be rewarded. If the first one is not delivered, all parties are free of this Pledge, if information is not granted, or the other two items are not given, the items will turn upon their owners. The band of lost additionally learned that the Vex King has 'The Key' that provides 'the way to the Library'.
  • A box was left for the Freehold, humbly crafted and splintery. Found inside was a note, written on discarded paper, requesting 'item first, a rope of ashes'. Beneath the paper was a tongue, long and forked. This is presumed to be the first item requested by The Twins.

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