The Vrăjitoare

From Dark City

The Bog Witch, The Vrăjitoare, The Haint
SkintonePale, when not bone.
Player NameJJ
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


The Vrăjitoare comes to mortal realm in many forms. She can be seen often as a beautiful woman, tall with porcelain skin and sleek black hair falling down the length of her back. Other instances are a half dead woman crawling from the abyssal mire of Snake Water Swamp, claw like hands reaching, leaving coal-tainted water in her wake. And finally, her true form, her hands and legs stick and twig where bone once was, her skull peeled back to reveal rotted bone laced with maggot and foul slime of the realms she rules over.




Title Date Location Cast Summary
Breaking into the past 2023-06-30 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson, The Vrăjitoare, Henley Henley and Lucy ride in the trans am and do crimes.
A Story Untold: Clem, Part 1 2023-07-29 Clem's House Clem Barton, The Vrăjitoare Clem Paints A Picture
A Story Untold: Hasil, Part 1 2023-06-25 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, The Vrăjitoare Hasil Experiences Night Terrors
A No Good Very Bad Day 2023-07-11 Waffle House Clem Barton, The Vrăjitoare Clem gives a pep talk to the flat top.
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
Broken Shattered Pieces 2023-09-07 Lucy Jordan, The Vrăjitoare Lucy wakes up in the Vrăjitoare's realm.
Doing the Impossible 2023-10-01 Hurst Cabin Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, The Vrăjitoare, Bristol, Josie, Henley It was an impossible dream.