The Trials

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The Trials


The Trials

The Trials value the bonds between the People of New York and strive to strengthen them wherever possible. Named for the legendary labors of Heracles that led to his redemption, the Trials believe that the pain the People of New York have endured can be the flame in which a stronger Protectorate is forged.

Contact: Maddie Wesson

Territory: Flushing, Queens (Kissena Park to Flushing Cemetery)


Deeds & Rumors

  • Participated in the assault on Sing Sing by planning, engaging in electronic sabotage, creating distractions, and evacuating the wounded.
  • When Sam Garguilo was Claimed by the Helion First Light, his future packmates were among those who came to his rescue, helping defeat the spirit in combat and driving it from his body.
  • Sean Sullivan scouted the Hive with The Twins, undergoing his First Change in the process.
  • The pack were rumored to be in an ongoing conflict in the Greenwich area with a young Blooded boy at the center of whatever is going on. This apparently had since been resolved, with many found dead (herd and Uratha alike) but the boy ultimately safe.
  • The pack investigated missing people in Queens only to stumble across a Beshilu nest taking live captives to something much, much bigger.
  • Maddie Wesson has a rite that can forge packs as one, and recently this was used with 4 other packs in the city.