The Shed

From Dark City


There is a spot, a street the Bronx that had a little hum. Down south at the edge of Mott Haven, not far from four different bridges, connecting to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Both central and hidden away in a mesh of industrial-looking residential structures, packed with two rows of buildings on both sides but with a lot of space between them and there was this glow, a scent, something... Those that could see the signs could follow them, others already knew the way, to the Shed, the den of Jet Jenko, broken Dreamer, fuck up, loser, Moon Sinner and Outcast.

Bex, the Sheltered from the Storm, isn't formally Jet's totem, more of a buddy, pet, roomate, but her ban was hospitality and she encouraged Jet to be a good host to any guest that wasn't meaning to cause trouble.

For a good like while now, The Shed has been her way of contributing, proving a safe spot to crash mostly for Urdurgarum and Thihirtha Numea who would prefer to avoid the tangle of the life, if only for a day or a night. Although as things changed, most all Urdaga became welcome.

It's a refitted warehouse, a wide open plan space, two parking spaces marked out in chalk usually being the first thing to greet visitors unless they took the roof entrance that led to a narrow catwalk that encircled the whole space.

There is usually a stocked fridge, something to drink, booze as well. A bunk bed and hammock for guests to rest in, tools and a work bench that could be used, vhs tapes and dvds, old, yellowed PS1, modded of course to be played. Laundry, shower, some basic medical supplies...a bit of everything for the poor sucker in need.

The walls are decorated with some photos from her old days, good and bad, one photo of Jet and Diana having a helluva time among others and a bunch of creased band and movie posters lots of bleached and faded yellows and blues, Nirvana, Sleater Kinney, Skinny Puppy, Strange Days, Bound, the Hidden, Ginger Snaps...that last one was kind of a joke, kind of not.

Safe Place - ••
Housing - ••

Services and Equipment

First Aid Kit •• (CoD Core book page 272) Contains all the necessary supplies to stabilize an injury and stop wounds from getting worse until the victim can find proper treatment. The two-dot version offers a +1 to treatment rolls due to superior supplies

Armouring Work Bench +2
☆The workbench will add +2 dice to your pool when creating or upgrading armor when being used.
☆You can use it! Jet doesn't even need to be around, her pet-rat spirit buddy, Bex, will let you in (so long as you mean no harm)
☆If you aren't so good at crafting, you can ask Jet or other PCs to help out!
☆To use it, raw materials or the base item being upgraded need to be supplied

a floor plan of the shed
It's Bex! She usually lives at the Shed with Jet

Borough the Bronx
Summary A place to crash, home of Jet Jenko
Sphere Werewolf

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