The Schooner Bar & Grill

From Dark City

     Schooner Tavern.png
The Schooner Bar & Grill
Chronicle Jericho
Bonus +1 Socialize
Room Type Business

Built on the dock of Hutchin’s Pond, a very large pond that probably doesn’t need a dock, is The Schooner. This nautical themed bar is a popular watering hole for the locals. Come down and get a plate of grilled catfish and a couple beers.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tension at the Schooner 2023-06-12 The Schooner Bar & Grill Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, James Evans, Jamie Murphy A quiet night full of tension at the bar and grill.
Booth Rats 2023-06-15 The Schooner Bar & Grill Arlene Kinsey, Delroy Horne, Rusty Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Angel Cleary Social scene
Alcohol and Angels 2023-06-14 The Schooner Bar & Grill Rusty Murphy, Angel Cleary A quiet chat between two... friends?
Familiar Faces, Outside 2023-06-22 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Henley Arlene, Henley and Clem escape the crowd at the Schooner to discuss current events in private on the dock over the pond.
Familiar Faces, Inside 2023-06-22 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Jamie Murphy, Henley An unusual assortment sits together at the Schooner with varying degrees of comfort; Jamie and Angel get stoned and have a heart-to-heart.
Drag the Waters 2023-06-28 Hutchin's Pond, The Schooner Bar & Grill Colt Murphy, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Henley Travis ambushes Henley, interrogates him, throws him into a pond, and kidnaps him with the help of Rusty and Colt.
Sleepy in the sleepy bar 2023-06-30 The Schooner Bar & Grill Hasil Hurst, Rusty Murphy, Angel Cleary, Jamie Murphy A young man seeks a new opportunity, and the tired adults try their best to encourage him.
Dinner and Discord 2023-07-07 The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Lucy Jordan, Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Lucy tries to enjoy a quiet meal at the Schooner while Travis and Angel try to make each other squirm, and Hasil makes things awkward
Different Aspirations 2023-08-15 The Schooner Bar & Grill Rusty Murphy, Levi June Levi catches up with the town's saddest man
Nepenthes 2023-08-31 The Schooner Bar & Grill Kora Liu, Levi June, Henley Kora Liu meets Levi and Henley, who have a particular way of describing Jericho for her.