The Rose Garden

From Dark City

Rose queen 2.jpg

A lush garden in the hedge. Sweeping gravel paths, flanked with strips of neatly manicured lawn and then dense, tangled beds of roses. Growing impossibly tall, looming over the path and meeting above to form a green roof over the trails. Sunlight, hot summer sunlight, filters down, tinted green by leaves or yellow-pink-orange by petals, shifting as the plants above sway in the breeze.

Here and there, an ornamental stone statue. A stag looking heroic and heraldic, perhaps, or a classically muscular chap posing dramatically.

Beauty and pain tied together. Somewhere for clandestine meetings and secret rendezvous. A maze of flowers and thorns that one can disappear in when one needs to. A place dripping with romance, but romance that hurts.

Here, The Rose Queen lives among the thorns. A hedge ghost, a thing of tangled-up emotion and strange urges. She doesn't speak to the visitors to her garden, instead simply observing them from amidst the foliage as they go about their business. She writes about what she sees, producing little snippets of poetry based on the antics of the changelings in her garden.

Sometimes she leaves that poetry for visitors to read. Secrets in the garden often don't stay that way.

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Borough The Bronx
Summary A Courtless Hollow, a haunted garden full of beautiful secrets.
Sphere Changeling
Resources 1
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