The Pure Cold War

From Dark City

Note: This plot is for the Werewolf sphere.


Anshega from Boston once brokered an uneasy treaty with local Urdaga, exchanging assistance in dealing with the Bale Hound threat for a ceasefire and access to Penumbra Hall. Because the Bale Hound threat still somewhat lingers, the awkward truce has extended, but more and more flareups have ignited between the two sides and peaceful relations have all but broken down.

The murder of popular Predator King Chariya Saetang, her pack, Elijah Wurst, and the Flak Pack and a quick series of further Pure deaths sparked accusations against the Forsaken, who have maintained that the Bale Hounds are to blame and are trying to provoke both sides to war so the Hounds can take advantage from their otherwise weakened position.

IC Rumors

  • Some Urdaga packs, including Relentless, have hunted after the Asah Gadar alongside the Pure. This seemed to be helping until recently...
  • During the Perihelion conflict and leading up to it, Storm Lords took point on studying the Pure's weaknesses and trying to determine their motives, and managed to collect a small dossier of personnel information.
  • From Maddie Wesson: Apparently a Pure used ritework recently to summon a transforming urugarum in Forsaken territory. A Forsaken had to intervene. Someone from the Pure tribes gave assurances that this was an accidental misunderstanding of the terms of our treaty and is not going to happen again. (This news is old.)

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