The Parliament of Owls

From Dark City


Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


A coordinated group of Strix have been the source of discord and multiple fatal attacks in New York City against the Kindred.

Uncovering the Plot

  • The Strix were responsible for kidnapping Jacob Blackburn, possessing him, disguising as Ricardo Holden and kicking up Trouble In Jersey, are suspected of murdering the Khaibit Deni, and possessed the Prince's trusted bodyguard, Fidel Guzman, in an assassination attempt against the Prince. Log:Death at Court.
  • An operation of "Strix-cloning" was discovered at an animal shelter, where several Striges, at least one of human-intelligence, were destroyed.
  • Undead shambles were discovered in the Bronx, which led to the discovery of the "lair" of an ancient Strix identifying himself as "The Old Man". He is supposedly some kind of rival of the other Strix group in the city.
  • Chandra Bhat was found to have been connected to the Strix and a collaborator with them. More information posted in the Office of the Sheriff.
  • Caution has been advised in the Cacophony.

Back to the Armory

  • After Natasha Arroyo, Johnny Reines, and Oggie Pryor uncovered strange activity at an armory, Johnny later returned with Ayda Anwar and Alexis Donovan and a ghoul retinue.
    • The Old Man was using it as a torture dungeon, gathering mortals unlikely to be missed and torturing them to open a gate into the Underworld (not recognizable as Underworld by witnesses*).
    • Gate is invisible, might only be detectable to ephemerally sensitive because Johnny could see it, but identifiable by the gore facsimile around it in the material world.
      • Alexis believes she can close it.
      • Ayda accidentally opened it.
      • Entity came through and was dispatched, left behind a mask. Ayda is studying it.

The Philadelphia Experiment

  • Alexis Donovan ascertained that the Strix who had possessed Jacob Blackburn had a supply chain routed through Philly.
  • Hamish McGregor passed that information on to Damsel, the leader of a Carthian cell operating in Philadelphia, hoping they might help uncover more information.
  • Alexis Donovan conducted a ritual to ascertain more information about the Striges activities. In vague terms, she learned the following:
    • The number of Striges plotting against the domain of NYC is in the dozens.
    • The best place to focus efforts to curtail this threat is Philadelphia.
    • The Striges are currently focused on taking down the city's allies and preventing possible allies from becoming such
    • Their next planned attack on the city will come after several smaller domains have been conquered
    • Mama Jackie appeared in the vision foretelling the attack. It is unclear whether she is in danger or is herself a danger, or will be in some way.
    • Damsel may be among the victims presaging the attack on NYC. One attack on her group has already been thwarted, but this vision came after that attack.
  • Alexis, Johnny, Hamish, Roux, and Sasha have decided to take the vision seriously and undertake an extended stealth mission into Philadelphia with the hopes of uncovering the link to the Strix activity there.

The Old Man

  • At the direction of Ayda Anwar, Alexis Donovan and Hamish McGregor investigated missing persons reports in NYC to see if they could track anything that might lead them to the Old Man's new whereabouts.
  • Alexis and Hamish believe that he has moved on from targeting the homeless and is now targeting tourists in the Rockaway Beach area.
  • The location at the top of their list is the Neponsit Beach Hospital, a structure that has been abandoned for a quarter century, which overlooks a beach that is particularly popular with LGBTQ+ tourists, and has appeared in the final photos of at least 9 missing persons.
  • The pair has submitted their findings to the Office of the Sheriff, feeling it unwise to go in and investigate it themselves.


  • Learn more about the Old Man.
  • Learn more about the Rival.
  • Locate other potential Strix strongholds.

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