The Parasol Gallery

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The Parasol Gallery
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Room Type Business

The Parasol Gallery Owned by Rhett Townsend Parasol is said to be one of the most impressive collections on the East Coast with a mixture of historical pieces and newly featured artists. Mr. Townsend himself is well known among the Art Community as a connoisseur of darker materials in all mediums, traveling near and far to seek them out and purchase them.

Catering to the tastes of the dark art lover, Parasol is a macabre gallery of varied mediums. While mostly paintings, there are drawings, and also a few statues. Rhett can be reached in his office. The front doors are still locked so appointments must be made. Some of the pieces are for sale and will be marked as such. The gallery is also happily always looking for more artists.

Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.