The Parasol Gallery

From Dark City


The Parasol Gallery Owned by Rhett Townsend Parasol is said to be one of the most impressive collections on the East Coast with a mixture of historical pieces and newly featured artists. Mr. Townsend himself is well known among the Art Community as a connoisseur of darker materials in all mediums, traveling near and far to seek them out and purchase them.

  • Catering to the tastes of the dark art lover, Parasol is a macabre gallery of varied mediums. While mostly paintings, there are drawings, and also a few statues.
  • Rhett can be reached in his office. The front doors are still locked so appointments must be made.
  • Some of the pieces are for sale and will be marked as such. The gallery is also happily always looking for more artists.
  • Use of Disciplines and Devotions inside Elysium is prohibited.


Borough Staten Island
Summary An Elysium for Kindred only to explore macabre arts.
Sphere Vampire
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