The Oracle's Augury

From Dark City
  • ST'd by JJ

Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changeling and Fae-Touched characters.


Whispers talk of a rebel group known only as the Black Arcana, a group of Changelings who momentarily overthrew their master, The Oracle, and escaped en masse. With this, the Gentry has swelled with new Loyalists, known simply as the ‘Diviners’ or sometimes whispered as ‘Seraphs’. Their main goal is to return the Black Arcana to their Master, and destroy or capture whomever gets in their way.

Plot Details So Far

  • Word spreads quickly around the Freehold that Chung Se-Yoon is dead after an attack from the Diviners. It's believed he was harboring a member of the Black Arcana, but which they can not say. The Black Arcana member was taken by Loyalists, though whether or not they were dead or alive is uncertain. It's later revealed the member was the Three of Wands.
  • Oliver Jones dies at the hands of The Fool, one of The Oracle's Loyalists. The body is taken to the Serenity Funeral Home where it's dropped off with a threat This too would be their fate if they did not return home. If they did not bring the Queen to justice for her crimes.. And attacked Spring Monarch Payton Verhasselt.
  • Sun-Wu Renli responded to the call of the High Queen of Summer for more scouts and patrols, putting together a defensive strategy to help protect the Freehold's borders and potentially push back the Oracle's forces.

IC Rumors

  • The Diviners do not have a schedule, they are wildly searching for any signs of Lost, though mostly they are after the Queen of Swords. They happened across Oliver through a stroke of luck, but followed him to a few known freehold locations. These are being watched now: The Serenity Funeral Home and Midnight Circus. (Maebh)
  • The Black Arcana member who was taken was The Three of Wands, or her real name was Clarissa Grant. (Maebh)
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