The Man Fortune

From Dark City

David Ester discusses Sin-Eaters 101, the local tea, and tells about The Man Fortune issue at hand.

Scene Information

  • Sphere: Geist
  • Combat expected? No
  • This is the first scene of the Geist launch plot The Man Fortune.

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Logs For This Plot

  • Part 1 Log
    • Synopsis: David Ester and Anna Raines call in the newest Sin-Eaters of New York City. David gives them the task of finding The Man Fortune's bones, located in two different homes so they can be put to rest. First in the home of the late Francis Delaney, a man who was recently murdered. The other with Gloria Bennet an older woman with a macabre fascination for the dead.
  • Part 2 Log
    • Synopsis: Marcus Caulfield-Brooks, Andrew Hoffman, and Claude Salazar make their way to the Delaney Estate sale to find Fortune's bones at the direction of David Ester. In their search they come across a strange deathly shrine dedicated to a symbol they've never seen that gives them a strange sense of Deja Vu.
  • Part 3 Log
    • Synopsis: Lucinda Du Pont, Riley Murphy, and Roman Astakhov make their way to the Bennet house in search of the last of Fortune's bones. When they arrive, Gloria Bennet is already under attack for using Fortune's Bones to try and commune with her deceased daughter Lindsey who is also haunting the home. After retrieving the bones, the group helps Lindsey and Gloria move on after saying their final goodbyes.
  • Follow Up With David
    • Synopsis: The group sits down to discuss what they've uncovered and find that a reoccuring symbol is a strong cause of numerous problems.

Special Thanks to QuicksilverFox85 for logging!

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Rumors & Shared Info

  • Information shared with Marcus Caulfield-Brooks after their conversation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday: The guy had a reputation for being into dead bodies - bones, skulls, teeth, tattooed skin. In some circles, he was known as "Dreaded Delaney." Claude does NOT share where he got this information. He also said it also looks like the man was out of work for almost a month in December, but the what and why are unknown.
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Date of Scene March 01, 21:00
Sphere Geist
Summary The first scene of The Man Fortune plot.