The Keepers

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The Keepers

The Keepers

The Keepers tend to community, growth, and knowledge. Founded by Salim and Tajj in the Spring of 2022, The Keepers consider their territory sacred above all else. Known for their patient, cunning approach to the hunt, the pack learns all it can about its prey before striking hard with surgical precision, weeding out the undesirable from the figurative garden of their community. They once took a more passive approach to the city's threats, but it's impossible not to notice that their strength and defenses have increased with the addition of Rakesh and Sakura. Thorns are growing among these verdant flowers.

Contact: Salim Qadir

Territory: Bronx Zoo to Morris Park


Deeds & Rumors

  • With the help of Sam, Salim created a repository of potential Wounds, which was instrumental in finding the Wounds in Central Park and on Sixth Avenue. Using the repository, Tajj found the Wounds and lead teams to investigate them. With the help of Kit and Fenton, he caught the trails of two Balehounds who are tending to the Wounds.

  • Tajj & Salim sought out a creature that had once been an ancient spirit in order to bargain for a long dead flower brought back to life. This would be a key component for enacting an ancient rite otherwise lost to them.

  • Rakesh joined the pack after becoming the victim of a djinn, the mental trauma strengthening his wolfblood. Salim and Rakesh worked together to bargain with the djinn, then tracked down the sorceress who bound it and used it to get revenge against Rakesh. The sorceress was efficiently taken down and disposed of, and the djinn was freed.

  • The pack took out the magath that had overtaken the wound at Dupont Dental Group and cleansed said wound with the assistance of Skylar.

  • Salim and Tajj uncovered the ancient rite to bind the Border Marcher. Together they deciphered and reworked it to be used again, then organized multiple steps to prepare for it with others of the city. In the end, Tajj led the rite to bind the Border Marcher.

  • Most of the pack was taken captive by Kevin the Balehound. In their release, they discovered a giant fungal wound beneath The Lowline.

  • Salim, Rakesh, and Lena took on a twisted cult of mortal adherents who were causing kuruth and controlling those werewolves so afflicted. Mass execution ended the threat to the Uratha.