The Keepers

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The Keepers


The Keepers

Keepers of community, knowledge and faith. Founded by Salim and Tajj in Spring of 2022, The Keepers tend their territory carefully. Known for their patient, careful approach to the hunt, the pack learns all it can about its prey before striking hard with surgical precision to weed out the undesirable from the figurative garden of their community.

Contact: Salim Qadir

Territory: Morris Park, Bronx


Deeds & Rumors

  • With the help of Sam, Salim created a repository of potential Wounds, which was instrumental in finding the Wounds in Central Park and on Sixth Avenue. Using the repository, Tajj found the Wounds and lead teams to investigate them. With the help of Kit and Fenton, he caught the trails of two Balehounds who are tending to the Wounds.