The Hive

From Dark City


Note: This plot is for the Werewolf sphere.


A massive swarm known only as The Hive has been eroding the Shadow from the inside out, and shredding bits of the Gauntlet and possibly the Material as well.

IC Rumors

  • In a short-range time skip to the year 2024, a few Urdaga saw that the Hive was only narrowly being held back from consuming the Shadow of New York by the Bale Hounds, as only the Maeljin had proven strong enough to fight with the Hive.
    • Shortly after that vision of the future, most of the Hounds were killed.
  • The Hive leaves behind a kind of crystallized Essence amber, and a few of the Uratha have found some.
  • After evaluation and research both of the Essence amber and encounters with the Hive, it has been identified as an Idigam and a Sacred Hunt is being called to deal with it.
  • Simon Hill discloses the following:
    • The Hive moves along certain tidal patterns according to the phase of the moon.
    • The Hive shares the Uratha weakness for silver.
    • It feeds on spirits as well as the constituent ephemera of the Shadow, but it may do this feeding from either the Shadow or the Material worlds. It maintains its physical corpus for the duration of its time feeding and doesn't seem to be able to turn this off.
    • The Gauntlet seems to take extensive damage when it feeds on the Shadow from the Material side.
    • When in the Material world, it obscures itself in Twilight. It has only been observed feeding from the Material side once, very far away from the nexus of New York City, where the Gauntlet was considerably thinner.
    • It must feed EXTENSIVELY.
    • It seems to have targeted many Places-That-Aren't, possibly due to the compressed ephemera of those spaces.
    • It can separate into multiple parts if damaged, but the sum of those parts are considerably weaker than the whole.
    • It can cover large amounts of ground quickly, but sacrifices a lot in the way of perception and ability when moving that fast. Only when it's moving considerably slower, which is probably about fifteen to twenty MPH, can it make full use of its awareness and powers.
    • It does not seem to hang around in poor weather for reasons undetermined; it may just be preference.

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