The Hesperides

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The Hesperides


The Hesperides

Founded by Lex and Simon when they were Wolf-Blooded, The Hesperides value solving problems on the flesh side of the Gauntlet as much as the shadow side. The name comes from *those* Hesperides, and the pack sees their territory as a garden to be tended to. By cultivating their local spirit and human communities, The Hesperides hopes to nurture wellbeing for all. Don't mistake them for pacifists though - this pack was forged in the fires of perihelion, and when they decide that lethal force is needed, lethal force is delivered. They're keenly aware that the fallout from the Bale Hounds agenda has left wounds and scars that need to be healed - they believe that they can help.

Contact: Si

Territory: Upper West Side, Manhattan


Deeds & Rumors

  • Participated with the assault on Sing Sing making multifaceted contributions to the Protectorate's operations.
  • Scouted the Hive with The Twins
  • Originally, Estrella Velázquez was going to be a packmate. She and Lex were more than packmates - now, their bitter separation is public knowledge.
  • Chariya Saetang was murdered on their territory. What was she doing there in the first place?
  • Now with the abrupt departure of Lex the pack is in a state of renewal, looking to rebuild and find a proper footing once again.