The Forge

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It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger.

 An unmarked private gym, known among the People as The Forge. Outside the front doors is a panel with a key code box. In Twilight above it the access code is listed, changing once every few weeks for security.


 The building itself is plain, industrial and without windows. Inside the place is still coming together. A quick remodel leaves exposed ceilings and cement floors with exposed gray brick walls. The equipment is all new, though it's mostly free weights, ropes, punching bags. The machines are more geared towards cardio. Mats line the wall to be taken down for stretching, yoga, or other activities. There's a small split bathroom with areas for either sex but the majority is co-ed. Further in the back is a pool and a sauna. Still being worked on is a sparring room. Soon, if people wish to spar without the chance of a fleeing Uratha in Basu-Im, they'll be able to. For now, the room seconds as a studio for dancing.

On Site Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +1 Brawl
Any PCs who have questions about The Forge, please contact JJ.

Borough Queens
Summary A Uratha/Blooded Only Fitness Gym.
Sphere Werewolf
Resources 5

The Forge
Established: 2021
Location: Queens
Owner: Ian Hale