The Ferrymen

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The Ferrymen

The Ferrymen

They fashion themselves as the guardian pack of Locust Point, Hammond Creek, Throgs Neck, and the waters surrounding them, including a small portion of the East River that runs through their territory. Seekers of the occult, there's an air of mystique and danger that surrounds the Ferrymen, rumored to be named after the Greek mythological psychopomp Charon who guided souls across the river of the underworld.

Contact: Alonso Salas

Territory: Locust Point, Bronx



  • None, as of yet.


  • None of them are New York natives. The Goode Sisters hailed from a hardy place down south, while Alonso was a packless nomad wolf who eventually settled in the city a year or so back.
  • The Sisters run a tattoo parlor in Bronx, often simply referred to as the 'Thorns'.

Territory and Pack House