The Crow Sea Medina

From Dark City

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"The Crow Sea Medina" is the name of the Privateers Market. His owner is the Crow. A very nasty person even if he would have been no Privateer. The Medina can only be accessed via the Hedge. It is right on the line between New York and New Jersey. The clue was the Mediana is a steel-hulled five-masted fully rigged tall ship with 439 ft (134.8 m) length and 42 sails that measure 5,202 square metres (55,990 sq ft) of sail. It was white to everyone's surprise and his Anker was thrown out at the Robbins Reef Light Station a sparkplug lighthouse.

If you can't fly or swim or have a way to cross the water in the hedge you will get swallowed by water or eaten by "Dark Rays" or some other hedge dangers. And if you finally stepped on the hard ground you need to be wary this was one of the worst places you can be. Huntsmen roam around, Slavers and Loyalists. But this was the only place that someone that didn't get touched by the wyrd could trade. And only on the 19th of October every year. You need to enter on that day and leave! And the biggest is :

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