The Border Marcher

From Dark City

Note: This plot is for the Werewolf sphere.


  • Following reports of Beshilu activity in Queens following the events of Perihelion, Lex, Yasmine, and Marcy investigated newly exposed beneath a gas station and uncovered a rabid Beshilu hive that had mostly been exterminated. On fighting one of the Beshilu prophets they were told that the Beshilu had heard the cries of something caught in the Gauntlet and sought to free it, and now it was unburdened. Presumably huge and barely able to fit in the tunnels below the city, this same monster that had been released attacked the group who were barely able to escape following the same fate as the Beshilu.
  • Stories have been found of a creature that Father Wolf bound within the Border Marches. They alternate between Father Wolf being unable to defeat it so they sealed it away and the idea that Urfarah chose to bind the creature there to face the threats that were beneath his notice.
  • A powerful earthquake recently rocked Queens, leading to many Safe Places and Loci being destroyed or hindered significantly. This has been attributed to the monster moving beneath the city.

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