The Bale Hound's Agenda

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Note: This plot is intended for the Werewolf sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Werewolf and Wolf-Blooded characters.


  • More than thirty Bale Hounds reside in Ossining, primarily at or around Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison's Wound. Veronica Zaruto is one of their scouts, and Shin Ishihara was a planted mole who was working with them.
  • The Bale Hounds plan to use a Talen called a Bloodstone to take control of Helions and bring some level of destruction-by-fire to the city of New York on January 4, 2022.
    • Some kind of a solar cell is meant to augment this process; the Forsaken have the blueprints.
    • Five hemorrhaging loci along intersecting ley lines in Manhattan have been discovered and revealed to be some kind of ephemeral amplifier.
  • An uneasy truce has been struck with a Boston contingency of Anshega who show interest in New York, and claim to have information on the Bale Hounds; allegedly they will help fight them.
  • The Blood Talons are planning an assault on Sing Sing; the Storm Lords are monitoring the Anshega; the Iron Masters are devising a way in and out of Sing Sing without the Herd finding out (too much); the Hunters in Darkness are warding the city and preparing to cleanse the Wound.

Blood Talons

  • Making plans for the assault on Sing Sing.
    • Connor Murphy and Leonard Park have managed to secure prison guard uniforms and fake IDs. The IDs will *not* work at any of the security checkpoints; they are purely decoration only. The identities will not check out, but they look visually similar.
  • Seeking silver weapons.

Bone Shadows

  • Bloodstone?
  • Ley lines?
    • Shanika Aminah advised Lena and Lex on how to disrupt the Loci by way of their focal object.

Iron Masters

  • Find a distraction for the Herd, clean up the event afterwards.
    • Ngozi Musa has, can perform, and can teach the Veil rite, but it will only blot out a 30 minute window.

Hunters in Darkness

  • Fortify and ward New York City.
    • Cruz Navarro et al have used some ritework to set the equivalent of alarms at strategic points in both Material and Shadow.
    • Sammy Hou is using his network of Allies to keep an eye out on the Material side.
  • Claim and Cleanse the Wound.

Storm Lords

IC Rumors

  • Alice Hale: Veronica made a deal with Electroshock to acquire information on the location of a Bloodstone
  • Alice Hale: Bloodstone is a powerful talen that has powerful effect on Helions within 100 yds x Spirit Rank of the person or entity activating it
  • Alice Hale and Elizabeth Sage: It is rumored that the first Bloodstone was crafted, and used, by a Secondborn. Possibly Gurfuros, or Ortuz-Ur.
  • Fenton Haywood: The waitress that works at the diner that Veronica frequents, Rosalina, possesses a spirit familiar she is unable to see. It is a hutia spirit that is known as Chancla. Fenton has made an arrangement with the spirit for Chancla to report back to Fenton if it sees Veronica, another werewolf, or the powerful, dark spirit that Chancla says it has felt accompanying her.
  • Chancla: Veronica has been seen with a large, older werewolf and a powerful, dark spirit. She has been bribing Chancla with Essence as well, but Chancla was unaware that she was aligned with the Mael'jin until Fenton explained the situation. Rosalina was murdered by Veronica, and Chancla has joined the Hunt out of a sense of revenge.
  • Shin Ishihara met with Ian Hale, Scarlett O'Rinn, and Alice Hale and informed them of the previous glimpses into Sing Sing.
    • They've been successful with drone surveillance, infiltration (urugarum as employees and in one case a prisoner.
    • They've been able to collect aerial footage, cross-reference facial recognition and over time, get a sense of how many Bale Hounds are in Sing Sing, where they congregate and a big picture sense of their movements.
    • The Asah Gadar run Sing Sing like a criminal empire. Some work in the prison, some are imprisoned there, although imprisonment is, of course, a farce. They slip into the Hisil and come and go as they please, and their compatriot Bale Hounds who are guards cover for them. A small number live in Ossining itself, and act as scouts. Veronica Zaruto is one of these.
    • Because of the tightly closed loop of their communication, we have little way of knowing their intentions, and little way of penetrating the area without being detected. Detection means being swarmed by superior numbers, and also risking Herd awareness. Exposing that communication loop is the biggest priority.
    • The resonance of the Wound itself is Wrath.
  • Dossier Alice Hale acquires from Shin Ishihara
    • Three scouts involved in Sing Sing Wound are Veronica Zaruto, Diego Ferreira, and Stirling Martin.
    • Stirling Marting: Stirling has a fairly long rap sheet for a variety of crimes he has definitely committed, and the fact that they live so close to a prison that at least one of them should by rights be imprisoned in is maybe a testament to how much control the Bale Hounds have over Ossining.
    • Their primary obligations consist of maintaining a perimeter of security around the part of Ossining that holds the prison, leaving Ossining when such is required, and on very rare occasion, acting as the conduit by which new recruits are brought into the fold.
    • Operationally, this is probably the biggest vulnerability in the closed communication loop that the Bale Hounds use.
  • Butch Mitchem has been receiving visions:
    • The skyline of New York is dark, and a light starts to shine over it from the North. It gets brighter and brighter until it feels like the sun's intensity multiplied by a hundred fold. The sky is orange. The Sun and the Moon share the sky at the same time until the Moon eclipses the Sun, and is then burnt to cinders that fall on the city below like dark, dry rain.
  • Butch Mitchem has encountered and fought Helions and has confirmed that there are Helions working with the Bale Hounds.
  • Raymond Massey has uncovered that a Maeltinet has sought to Ride, and potentially Claim, a subway worker.
  • Sierra Roen has uncovered another Bale Hound, potentially Irraka, operating within the city.
    • It seems that the Bale Hounds are seeking to temper certain locations to affect their Resonance, likely to coincide with the solar event in Butch's prophecy. The known locations are: the diner where Veronica Zaruto was encountered, the Lucky Cat Diner where Butch fought the Helions, and the Red Library.
  • Fenton Haywood, Raymond Massey, and Zoe St. Clair Investigated the Subway energy source lead they got from Ben.
    • They discovered the Maeltinet riding a man and working on drafts for the power cell, making mechanical engineering revisions to them by hand, notes that will inform the next iteration of the prototype that involves amplifying its internal magnification with a series of mirrors.
    • Is this related to "If you want to know if your fucking magic mirror bullshit will work, go ahead and kill me, see if that gets you there."?
    • They were able to secure the drafts.
    • They were able to confirm that the Maeltinet has a wrathful nature from the Sing Sing wound. Despite their best efforts the Maeltinet escaped.
  • Razvan Costea
    • Most of Shin's assets were tied up in businesses that never fully recovered from the recession. It was probably Iminir stubbornness that prohibited him from ever letting on, as well as his stature in the community, but at least two of the businesses he was heavily invested in were floundering, and his own company had quietly filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy several years prior. That's what the rumors say; this might have had something to do with why/how he was sucked into the Bale Hounds.
  • Raymond Massey, Zoe St. Clair, Lena Navarre, Elizabeth Sage, and Chance Cunningham investigated the power cell blueprints discovering the following.
    • The bloodstone is essentially a nuclear weapon, housing the shards of multiple Helions, that were stored there by the Second Born.
    • The concern is largely about what will happen when those old Helions are restored through the use of the bloodstone.
    • That the blueprints for the Power Cell is likely meant to be powered via the bloodstone/shards within
    • That the solar event that all the recent happenings have hinted at is likely Perihelion, which is when the Earth is closest to the Sun, on January 4th 2022.
    • There are more than the 30 Balehounds Shin told them about.
    • The bloodstone is stored either inside or underground, possibly at the prison?
  • Butch Mitchem, Lena Navarre, Fenton Haywood, and Elizabeth Sage investigated the Lucky Cat Diner.
    • The diner seems to have a strong solar resonance as the inside natural light seemed amplified and the place was bursting with Essence as the diner hosts a powerful locus.
    • The allied Helion, Flareball, admitted that other Helions have been working with outside sources to amplify the power of the locus and come by the check on it often.
    • They identified a man named Jacob Pluck who possesses the ability to identify werewolves, but is not Wolf-Blooded. He claims to have been forced into working for the Bale Hounds, showing the group pictures of Veronica and the Brute Werewolf, but he did not know their names, but that he should be watching for them. He did mention an unknown Bale Hound by the name of Adir who seems to be his contact.
    • He said he brought a tea for the server, Anna, who had been ill previously, but upon drinking the tea made a miraculous recovery. Anna is reported to have cancer and the tea keeps her healthy.
    • Fenton bit Jake, and Butch sampled his blood, giving them the ability to track him for the next lunar month.
  • Red Library:
    • Fenton and Zoe found some financial documentation envelopes that come from a Credit Union in Sing Sing.
    • Anna (Razvan) discovered that at least one of the Floor Managers has Sing Sing Bale Hound Allies, and they both had NY Correctional allies, and that high turnover is a staff issue, as people seem to come and go quite quickly. Apparently due to "Security concerns".
    • Lena kept the floor manager suitably distracted, could probably even get away with coming back here.
    • Ray found a Wolf-Blooded that didn't seem like she wanted to be there to begin with, and whammied him with her Exciting Tell when he scared the bonanza out of her.
    • There is a locus with the GREED resonance - potent
  • Kyler Caulfield-Brooks, Lena Navarre, Ash Freimuth, and Aaron Halifax investigated the Zaruto's Diner.
    • Kyler discovered a Locus in the kitchen at the diner that was hemorrhaging essence. Lena and Kyler crossed over to investigate the locus and found root-type things that were like some kind of vortex feeding the Locus...making it potent. They didn't seem to be pumping the essence in from anywhere, but there was a lot of essence.
    • Lena saw something, but she didn't have a word for it so she and Kyler went to Penumbra Hall to try to figure it out. After some digging, Lena found a name for what she saw -- Ley Lines. Kyler knew something of Ley Lines, but only the basic stuff you can find on Wikepedia. Lena thinks maybe all the locations in question might have a Locus like this and they could all be tied together.
  • Razvan Costea has persuaded an ally to take a position at the Red Library, to learn more info.
  • Sierra Roen and Raymond Massey took down the Bale Hound known as 'The Brute'. In doing so he confessed "You're all going to burn. Burn. Burn. This whole city will burn. And then it will be ours. We've done it b'fore and we'll do it again, and now here. Burn, Urdaga." A new clue to our research team for what the goals of the Bale Hounds might be.
  • Raymond Massey researched for a few straight days and nights and finally brings a shitty printed picture of the Great Fire of Rome, tacking it to the wall, adding "YEAH. THAT FIRE. - RAY"
    • There is no mention of a Bloodstone being used in 64 AD.
    • The Asah Gadar took Rome for their own after the fire, which burned 10 days and destroyed two-thirds of the city's physical structures.
    • The ley lines were shifted to a shape that's similar to the one being shaped in NYC, with the same hemorrhaging Loci.
  • The Lucky Cat Part 2- Following the actions of Sammy Hou the diner saw it's owner Anna dead and with a soiled reputations, and the once friend Helion, Flareball no longer on our side. Through the combined resources of Zoe St. Clair,Daniel Bosch, Lena Navarre, Xiomara Benoit-Toussaint and Sammy Hou the diner, reputation, and relationship with the Helion were reinstated by creating an 'angel' investor into the restaurant, restoring Anna's reputation, and creating a charity that will hold Annual fundraising events. The access to the very, very strong Sunshine locus there has been reinstated.
  • Suspecting that Shanika Aminah was the new Bale Hound mole, Whiskey Business pack members Raymond Massey, Zoe St. Clair, Daniel Bosch, and Marcelene Chalmers, with Fenton Haywood, abducted her for an interrogation. Shanika denied being a Bale Hound and an unknown assailant destroyed Shanika's phone with sniper fire, also splattering Shanika's head, killing her. Her last words were "You idiots! You dragged us out here in the open! Sierra has the Bloodstone!"

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