The Bale Hound's Agenda

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Note: This plot is intended for the Werewolf sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Werewolf and Wolf-Blooded characters.


  • Veronica Zaruto, a Bale Hound, cornered one of the People during the Broken Skyline investigation and warned them, in so many words, to back off.

IC Rumors

  • Alice Hale: Veronica made a deal with Electroshock to acquire information on the location of a Bloodstone
  • Alice Hale: Bloodstone is a powerful talen that has powerful effect on Helions within 100 yds x Spirit Rank of the person or entity activating it
  • Alice Hale and Elizabeth Sage: It is rumored that the first Bloodstone was crafted, and used, by a Secondborn. Possibly Gurfuros, or Ortuz-Ur.
  • Fenton Haywood: The waitress that works at the diner that Veronica frequents, Rosalina, possesses a spirit familiar she is unable to see. It is a hutia spirit that is known as Chancla. Fenton has made an arrangement with the spirit for Chancla to report back to Fenton if it sees Veronica, another werewolf, or the powerful, dark spirit that Chancla says it has felt accompanying her.
  • Chancla: Veronica has been seen with a large, older werewolf and a powerful, dark spirit. She has been bribing Chancla with Essence as well, but Chancla was unaware that she was aligned with the Mael'jin until Fenton explained the situation. Now Chancla has joined the Hunt in order to protect the human he is bound to.
  • Shin Ishihara met with Ian Hale, Scarlett O'Rinn, and Alice Hale and informed them of the previous glimpses into Sing Sing.
    • They've been successful with drone surveillance, infiltration (urugarum as employees and in one case a prisoner.
    • They've been able to collect aerial footage, cross-reference facial recognition and over time, get a sense of how many Bale Hounds are in Sing Sing, where they congregate and a big picture sense of their movements.
    • The Asah Gadar run Sing Sing like a criminal empire. Some work in the prison, some are imprisoned there, although imprisonment is, of course, a farce. They slip into the Hisil and come and go as they please, and their compatriot Bale Hounds who are guards cover for them. A small number live in Ossining itself, and act as scouts. Veronica Zaruto is one of these.
    • Because of the tightly closed loop of their communication, we have little way of knowing their intentions, and little way of penetrating the area without being detected. Detection means being swarmed by superior numbers, and also risking Herd awareness. Exposing that communication loop is the biggest priority.
    • The resonance of the Wound itself is Wrath.
  • Dossier Alice Hale acquires from Shin Ishihara
    • Three scouts involved in Sing Sing Wound are Veronica Zaruto, Diego Ferreira, and Stirling Martin.
    • Stirling Marting: Stirling has a fairly long rap sheet for a variety of crimes he has definitely committed, and the fact that they live so close to a prison that at least one of them should by rights be imprisoned in is maybe a testament to how much control the Bale Hounds have over Ossining.
    • Their primary obligations consist of maintaining a perimeter of security around the part of Ossining that holds the prison, leaving Ossining when such is required, and on very rare occasion, acting as the conduit by which new recruits are brought into the fold.
    • Operationally, this is probably the biggest vulnerability in the closed communication loop that the Bale Hounds use.

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