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"Wolves of the Night, cower no more from the abyssal past! Turn your eyes up to heaven that you may see deliverance! This city shall no longer quake in fear of the Uknown Eradicator. It shall in contrast scour the depths of knowledge and blood and divinity to root out the causes and bring about the solutions, our collective salvation! Deo volente. Deus vult."

Teodora Neves is too suave, too chic, too… Daeva to be an Abbess, a Child of God, a Bride of Christ. She has the bearing of an urban goth and the joie de vivre of a socialite. Her bombast quickly dispels what her form, fashion, and figure suggest. A zealot in the body of a Dark Fashionista, it is the Church Eternal that Teodora is loyal to and it is their purpose that is her own. She walks with a sway and she speaks vociferously as she pontificates devotion, appearance and oscillation suggesting she is giving a dinner party announcement rather than a devotional. She is a living dichotomy as her Clan and Covenant mingle.

Teodora does not bother with the Blush of Life, her skin is as pale as death and her gray eyes as clear as ice. She is opulently built and decadent. Her makeup is applied heavily, her lips painted black, her eyes shadowed, her strong cheek bones accentuated. Her piercings and her Neo Urban Goth à la beau brummelesque style deviate extravagantly from her calling as a supposed Abbess of a convent in the city. Yet these are her “street clothes”. She tends to her flock styled in her own Religious Habit and just the same when she arrives at Court functions, to the annoyance of endless other Kindred. It is by no means something passing for the Habit of the average devotee, an ungodly slit down the side, too conforming to bodily form; Abbess Neves styles her own Godly garb with full configuration, blackened lips and all, as a Mother Superior for the Undead Church.

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RP Hooks
  • Bride of Christ - Teodora is not looking to date. She hasn’t time for the frivolities of romance and courting, for she is married to the Church Eternal and her every being is dedicated to the advancement of their cause, her unholy temple is padlocked to would be suitors. Teodora does not seek her passions in the typical carnalities associated with Daeva, emphasizing her peculiarity. She clambers for religious ecstasy and passion found in purpose and penitence. The Serpent is but a new pale face in New York City but her brief splash has made enough of a wave, her presence is no secret, her purpose unshrouded to the Kindred in the city.
  • The Midnight Abbess - Teodora runs an Abbey attached to the Good Shepherd. The nuns work as a staff for Abbess Neves and are wholly devoted to their Godly mission. She fronts amongst the herd as a true devotee to the worldly Catholic Church, even if her appearance is off putting in this regard, though she rarely entertains such a crowd, preferring to keep to the dark and devoted.
  • Purpose and Penitence - Father Graham is the least liked Kindred in the city and a recluse. The ancilla Abbess Neves has come to halt the rotting corpse that the Church Eternal has become in the Capitol of the World. Outwardly Teodora seems fond of Daniel Graham yet she has made no secret her purpose in New York and her talent and skill offered to Mab. To clean up the Lancea et Sanctum that the city might flourish with knowledge: make the foundations of a library, keep the records of the City, and bring Blood Sorcery to the fore.
  • Minister of the Underworld - Teodora's position amongst New York's malefactors is as the forgiver of sins. She offers redemption and salvation, she offers an ear without judgement (and without fear of information escaping to unwanted law abiding ears). Criminals know where their souls might be saved and it is through this avenue that Teodora has come to work with the Lucas Soto and the Genovese. Teodora is not above giving refuge to the Genovese grunts either, in exchange for something as minuscule as attendance at Midnight Mass.

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Teodora Neves

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AGE (Apparent): 27
AGE (Actual): Ancilla
HEIGHT: 5'7"
  • Status (City) Dot-filled.png
  • Status (Lancea et Sanctum) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Status (Crime; Minister of the Underbelly) Dot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks (Commanding) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Notable Portuguese accent w/ a hint of British-English

COVENANT: Lancea et Sanctum
CLAN: Daeva
TITLES: Anointed (Lancea et Sanctum)

PLAYLIST: Turn This Off Please

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