From Dark City

Taurus (Full Name Unknown)
BirthdateJune 24, 1985
OccupationSquad Leader for The Program
ConceptSmart Mouthed Liaison
StatusActive NPC


Not much is known about Taurus as a great deal of his information is confidential. From his accent its easy to assume that he is an Australian native, however he seems to know his way around Jericho too well. He is a mountain of a man standing well over six feet fall, and very little fat on his frame. He is covered in tattoos, but those seem to be there to cover up the multitude of scars across his body. He has a quick mouth and a sharp whit, when it comes to business he can be deadly efficient.

The average person in Jericho has never seen Taurus and only a few Luxidine employees have seen him around. However those involved with The Program know him very well.

RP Hooks

A Smart Mouth One of the first things one will notice about Taurus is his mouth. He has a sharp tongue and is quick to make jokes and insults alike. He is rarely seen with out a smile on his face, but the look in his eyes rarely makes that smile a comforting one.

Dedicated to the Cause Taurus believes in The Program with everything in his being, even if he is scarce on informational about exactly that the Cause is exactly. He is driven to complete missions quickly and efficiently and is known to push the people working under him hard.

A Dangerous Man Even those that fall in line are likely to hear a threat from Taurus. He motives through coercion and blackmail, and he does so openly. Worse than anything, he is quick to act on his threats to prove a deadly point.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Debriefing Levi 2023-08-22 Luxidine Facility Levi June, Taurus Taurus finds Levi after the incident
Angel Meets With Taurus Grey County Sheriff's Department Angel Cleary, Taurus Taurus visits Angel at his day job. They discuss their other line of work.
The Duat Protocol Luxidine Facility Taurus, Rusty Murphy, Levi June, Kora Liu, Angel Cleary, Eric Schmidt An unexpected visit from upper management leads to a team-building exercise.