Taphouse Brewery & Pub

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The Taphouse is a cosy little place that specializes in serving local microbrews as well as their own house brew. Most of the clientel are grad students, post-docs, and academics of all stripes. The layout is designed to foster a community atmosphere with only a couple of couches at the back, and a long table with a whiteboard surface that runs the length of the bar. It's not unusual to find study groups or tutoring sessions being held there, and decorating the table with doodles, diagraming their research or arguments, maligning opposing schools, and leaving notes for one another before it's wiped clean again at the end of the night.


Behind the bar and next to the stockroom and back door is a door locked with an electronic keypad that leads up a narrow staircase. At first glance, The House of the Third Ajar Portal seems smaller than it actually is. The Lounge is comfortable enough, with desks and comfortable reading chairs filling the space to capacity. The rooms beyond, however, are filled with tall book shelves. They're filled with leatherbound tomes, scrolls, self published paperbacks, and hand typed stacks of paper tied up with string. The books themselves are rarely volumes that are seen in other academic libraries, but are just as diligently catalogued. The House still uses a card catalogue system, for security's sake. No one can hack what isn't put online.

A notecard is pinned with a thumbtack to the doorway leading to the stacks. Written with different hands and pens it reads:

Return every book you take off the shelves to the cart for reshelving.
Any damage done to the books WILL be done to you.
No food. No drinks.
Coffee is a drink.
Yes, beer is a drink too.

TAPhouse Brewery
Established: ???
Location: Astoria, Queens
Owner: House of the Third Ajar Portal

Borough Queens
Summary A public taphouse with a private library and safe place hidden above.
Sphere Multi-sphere Mystery Cult
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