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Formation of a Protectorate

In order to better combat the Wounds spreading throughout the city, it has been proposed that a protectorate be formed. This will allow the area of the Wounds to be claimed by the Protectorate instead of an individual pack, allowing ritesmasters to be shared around to cleanse them, and to better be able to patrol them in addition to individual pack territories.

Rite Description

The rite calls upon the Firstborn, replicating in essence the ancient pacts among primaeval wolf-spirits. The representative of each pack must convince not only the audience of the rite, if any, but the Firstborn themselves of their sincerity and shared purpose for this alliance. The rite will take several minutes as each representative speaks, and at its culmination, blood from palms is mingled between the representatives of each pack as a symbol of becoming one.

Every pack that had at least one member present is forged in an alliance for one month, or if a prey is declared, once the prey is brought down. Each pack entered into the alliance this way is treated as a single pack for the purposes of Luna's gifts, rage triggers and other supernatural effects that would affect your packmates. Totems are not shared.

The rite will be organized by Maddie Wesson.

Packs Involved

The rite lasts a month. These packs may choose to leave at the end of each lunar cycle after the rite, or continue to be part of the protectorate. The list below is those packs that have signed up.

The Trials
The Keepers
Luck of the Sea

Wound Clearers

If you wish to help physically clear the wounds so the ritesmasters after can fix things, sign up here.