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Storing App questions here.



Follow the following steps.

  1. Open a Promethean Ticket
  2. First Message send a Frankenstein Gif
  3. Answer the Following questions.
    1. Will you have any conflict with the Bi-Weekly ST scenes?
    2. Will you be able to make time for Solo run ST scenes on other days/times?
    3. Will you be involved in social RP with other players?
    4. What do you want to get out of this Chronicle?
    5. What do you want to add to this Chronicle?
    6. What is your favorite aspect of the Promethean splat?

Once this has been submitted, if approved you will then go through Chargen.


New Characters follow standard character creation from the book with the following rules.

  • 10 Experience Points
  • 4 Vitriol Experience
  • Azoth can not be higher than 4 to start.
  • Pilgrimage can not be higher than 2 to start.

Carnivale Application

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep the following information in mind as you work on your backstory.

  • There are only around two dozen Prometheans in the entire world, Thus the Carnivale represents a large percentage of them all.
  • You were not created in the Carnivale.
  • After separating from your Creator, you wandered alone for a time.
  • The Carnivale has traveled world wild, and does so to find Prometheans. Because of this you can and should be from all over the world.
  • You where found and now work at least to some degree in the Carnivale, however you character is given the freedom they need to pursue their Pilgrimage.

Character Questions

All of the Following should be put in a Promethean Ticket.

  1. Character Sheet (Promethean Sheet)
    1. Include a brief bullet-point backstory of your character on your sheet.
    2. Explain any Merits (Allies, Status, Resources, ect.)
    3. Make sure to put the full text for any merits, transmutations, alembics, and distillations as a Note(Right Click, add note) to the cell with the name of the item.
  2. Who was your Creator?
  3. Why where you made?
  4. Who/What where you made from?
  5. What is your Disfigurement?
  6. How did find out about the Carnivale?
  7. What work do you do in the Carnivale? (This could be anything from a Performer, to Driver, to a Janitor.)
  8. Why did you choose your first Refinement?
  9. Why did you choose your first Role?

The Pilgrimage

All Chosen follow a Pilgrimage that is shown to them through Epis Visions and the communal unconscious knowledge of Azothic Memory. This Path is meta information that You as a player and I as ST know and will use to guide your character along their Pilgrimage.

In order to reach the new dawn all characters must fulfill the following.

  • Note ten roles that are along your character's Pilgrimage(At least eight must be completed)
  • Complete a Role in at least two Simple Refinements.
  • Complete a Role in at least two Complex Refinements.

You can not walk more Complex Refinements than you have Simple ones.

The Five Questions

The Following questions must all be answered. These questions are used to guide and shape your Pilgrimage. Under each question suggest a Minor and Major Milestone related to your answer. This should be moments that your character needs to reach to get closer to humanity.

  • What sort of human do you want to be?
    • Minor Milestone:
    • Major Milestone:
  • How have humans taught you to fear and hate?
    • Minor Milestone:
    • Major Milestone:
  • How did you split with your creator?
    • Minor Milestone:
    • Major Milestone:
  • What keeps you on the Pilgrimage?
    • Minor Milestone:
    • Major Milestone:
  • What would you give up to become human?
    • Minor Milestone:
    • Major Milestone:

Post Chargen

After your character above has been finished and approved you will move to the last step of creation.

  1. Make a Wiki Page. (Character Pages)
  2. Make a Tracker. (Tracker Template)

Once both of these have been made and approved, you will be announced and added to the game.