From Dark City

Sure, the dancers are attractive but I don't think you are suppose to leave feeling bad for them.

Hayden B. Brooklyn NY. ★✰✰✰✰


 This single story building has had many lives during its existence. It started out as a small community grocery store in the mid-sixties. However after that went out of business it has been a warehouse, a restaurant, and even offices for a tech start up. However for the past twenties years it has has been a run down and seedy strip club of ill repute. It could be argued that this place was never at its prime.


 A large single stage serves as the main center of entertainment for patrons, however a champaign room offers curtain covered cubbies for those seeking a more private experience. On the right side of the main room is a long full bar that offers food and drinks. A scattering of tables and even a pool table offers more entertainment for patrons.

In the back is a large locker room for the dancers, which includes a space for those dancers to sleep with no questions asked where they should be. Across from that room is the main office for the proprietor of the establishment.

Established: July 18th, 1999
Location: Southside of Brooklyn
Owner: Mr. Weeper