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Sunitha "Sunny" Mannattil


"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to." - Dorothy Parker



The Bound:
Sunny tends to prefer a strict bun and light makeup that does not accent her features too heavily. Her skin is a deeply sun kissed brown with a rich, even texture and few if any blemishes. Her attire tends towards business casual with complements in the form of traditional Tamil jewelry; bangles are particularly popular. Sunny is neither particularly tall or short, but her figure is notably athletic beneath her fashionable layers.

The Geist:
The Midnight Maiden is a towering figure of alien beauty and ruddy complexion, subtle, shifting, and sinuous. She seems to wear finery made of too many gaunt arms while sporting a face with too few eyes. Graceful, passionate and composed, barbed wire entangles her lithe form. When in motion, small pinpricks mar her skin from their bite.

Liminal Aura:
A pale eerie glow clings to random items or surfaces in her presence, producing a washed out tint and an uncomfortably cool finish.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Artefact Studios
Ms. Mannattil is the director of a private NYC based art studio that specializes in the restoration of lost and damaged pieces of obscure art. Anything thought destroyed has a decent chance of being found anew by her team. Besides this, the studio houses a collective of anonymous artists that produce anything from studio albums to serialized graphic novels. Finally, Artefact also markets photographs of mysterious instances of street art found in New York City that seem to appear overnight and disappear by the sunset. Those attuned to the dead can easily note the art actually lingers in Twilight afterwards.
Patron of the Muses
Sunny is a patron within the Providence of Muses, with a portion of the cult knowing the secret to her studio's handiwork; they're inspired by the work and inspiration of ghosts. The works have varying levels of Sunny's own style in them, but generally act as a conduit for the ghost's general artistic vision. Artefact Studios is in fact a collective of Providence members that work closely with her, using ephemeral technology in order to bring the essence of these works to life. Artefact is rumored to be collaborating with some local artists as well, including BrookLinez and Harriet Pinder.
Underworld Connections
The Bonepicker is an active member of the Twilight Network and black market, with apparent contacts in the literal Underworld and a competent fixer on retainer. Adding to that her connections within City Hall, Sunny makes for a well informed operator nine times out of ten. Her street art often has aspects that tie it to Twilight Network missives, one of the few charitable acts the Bound performs for the overall community.
Master of Ceremonies
Sunitha is known as an accomplished occultist among the Bound of New York City, having mastered a variety of rituals and ceremonies for different occasions. While she's far from an actual master, she's skilled enough to find unusual solutions or unexpected paths forward even if she doesn't know the exact answer to an esoteric question. Of course, these answers invariably come at a price.
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Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 115
Origin: Tamil Nadu
Occupation: Art Dealer
Played By: Priya Ragu
User: TheOddOne
Public Effectsxxxxx 
Mystery Cult Initiation: The Providence of Muses
Status: Arts, Media & Society
Status: Crime

Notable Features: Anonymity
  Closed Book
  Grave Goods
The Geistxxxxx 
Burden: The Abiding
Archetype: Mourner
Geist Rank: Rank 4
Aura Rating: 20