Sugar Me Scents

From Dark City

Sugar Me Scents
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Room Type Business


Straddling the corner of a busy intersection somewhere between the Green-Wood Cemetery and Prospect Park in the Brooklyn borough, there exists a cute little boutique with a gorgeous brick facade called Sugar Me Scents. A small cornucopia of plant life creeps along the exterior with a life of their own, marrying soft hues of green with impossibly vibrantly hued flowers that spill over from potted plants artfully arranged around the front entrance like an oft-told fairy tale.


With the whimsical jingle of a small bell, one is transported into a cozy interior with witchy atmospherics and an emotive aroma with fleeting nuances that teases the senses, familiar and warm - like coming home. Reclaimed wooden shelves feature samples an ever-changing collection of scented oils and perfumes, each blend encapsulating the magic and mystery of the current season - and, occasionally, the essence of timeless moments.


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