Stush Taylor

From Dark City

Stanley Rush Taylor
BirthdateOctober 15, 1993
HairDark Blonde
OccupationSalesman, Entrepreneur
ConceptGuilty Survivor
Played ByZach Gilford
Player Namequietlywesleep
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive PC


Stush keeps his hair and stubble roughly the same length although his beard becomes unruly in the Winter. He dresses in dark, sturdy clothes while at work and in cheap suits (or branded but outdated athleisure wear) when he's off the clock. He believes in dressing for the job you want. He's not a bad-looking guy but he has the self-esteem of someone who grew into their looks. Growing up he was gawky, awkward, shy, and unremarkable. As a man he overcompensates for this b putting too much importance on that first handshake.


Stanley Rush Taylor comes from a long line of folks with the same first and last names. Growing up his grandmother shortened it to Stush, and it stuck. Growing up in Jericho was an isolating experience for Stush. He was always bright, but not booksmart. He was never much of an athlete. He wasn't very tall and he certainly wasn't known for his looks growing up. Almost from the start, Stush was a loner and had a hard time fitting in, with nothing noteworthy about him. Until he inherited his old man's store, his life was a series of almosts and false-starts. He was a nobody. That being said, his family had roots that went as far back as anyone else's in the hollar and he has the same connection to the place, even if he's been trying to get as far away from Jericho as possible for most of his life.


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