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Note: This plot is intended for the Lancea et Sanctum within the Vampire Sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Kindred and Ghoul characters within the Lancea et Sanctum.


Strangely stitched bodies are appearing across The Bronx borough.

Plot Details So Far

Two weeks ago, the body of a young woman Michelle Warner washed up on Orchard Beach. Many would immediately assume a drowning, but those who have word on the street heard some strange circumstances involving it. It was Warner's head, reattached poorly to a different body - that of another woman Gladys Tennanbaum. Both have been missing for over a month. Gladys' missing head and Michelle's missing body are both still unaccounted for. The case is very hush hush.

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IC Rumors

  • Strange symbols were roughly carved into the flesh of the body(ies).
  • Abigail Dauntes and Vicky Franklin were both stitched together and dumped on the same beach about 1 month prior.
  • Rowina Perez was left on another beach 3 months ago.
  • Cameras in the area failed to capture anyone coming or going from the scene.
  • The culprit is likely male, roughly 200 lbs., with a size 11 boot.
  • The victims were all prostitutes, who had similar physical characteristics, and frequented the same area.
  • The strange symbols belong to an extinct Native American tribe which once was from this area. The symbols, along with the similar appearances, and seemingly ritual disposal, points to these women being used as offerings to a God.
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