Something's Brewing

From Dark City
  • ST'd by JJ

Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changeling and Fae-Touched characters.

  • This plot will have mystery and occult, and not a lot of fighting.


Jack heads back to the Goblin Market in an attempt to work off some debt. But a mysterious request leads to a world of trouble.

Plot Details So Far

  • Rhusan, a hobgoblin who works the markets is trying to sort out "What the absolute fuck" Grorde is up to. He's taking payments in bones, and not just any but specifically Cukka Horn bones. Jack has never seen one of these before but he's run across drawings in books. They're massive bog creatures with horns along their spines that mimic fallen trees in quagmires. Rhusan says if Jack can sort out this mystery, he'll wipe his debt clean of a few points. All of the points if he can get him some Cukka Horn bones.

IC Rumors

  • Jack and Revel investigated the rumors and met Grorde and Grolly, a hobgoblin couple, in their bog home. Grolly revealed herself to be a seer (though her husband does not believe her) and had predicted Jack and Revel's visit. She stated that the Horns boosted the power of divination, but only minimally. However, she believes to be important to a great event coming. She shares vials with Jack and Revel that contain a vision Grolly experienced.

Later one, Jack and Revel imbibed the vials and experienced the following vision:

Drip drip drip

The ceiling above them is leaking, a steady stream of cold water. Outside the wind is howling wildly and as they get out of bed some bit of wild debris passes through their window, causing the barrier between the comfort of their home and the storm to break. The storm whips through their room, knocking down their things, stirring up their belongings, and sending a torrent of wet cold air up against them. It's violent and shocking. Outside, New York City is being thrashed upon by the gusts and parts of the building are already being blown away. But what's more, the pieces below that, look... almost like the Hedge. Like the storm has split apart the veil of here and there itself. Broken down magic walls. Blown away the illusion.

A fat bolt of lightning cuts across their vision and the proceeding thunder rumbles the building they're in so hard it feels like an earthquake. The ground upheaves and cracks, slowly ripping and falling away and drifting... into space. It made no sense, but away it went.

And then they woke.

  • Briar, Cole, and Dorian were besieged by an unnatural storm in Central Park. It began with unseasonable cold, heralding in ominous clouds where a strange clawing and ripping noise emanated from somewhere above before it was overshadowed by gale-force winds, a torrential downpour of rain, and lightning strikes that scorched the park mercilessly.

And if that wasn't bizarre enough, it seemed something tore through the fabric of reality itself to create a Hedge Gate, emanating the same drone of electricity before they were confronted with another Dorian that was identical to the original.

Before they could get to the bottom of the mystery though, Doppleganger Dorian was ripped asunder before their very eyes by the storm and carried away. Briar swore she sensed so many supernatural creatures during the storm but wasn't able to make out anything else.

  • Jack and Revel visited Grolly to find her in mourning. During the above storm, her spouse Grorde was taken to another realm, though Grolly is unsure which. Jack and Revel have offered to find Grorde and Grolly gave the two of them all of the Cukka Horns she had collected, however without any instructions on how to use them.

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