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Sofia Clarke



Pronouns:  She/Her
Age:  23
Height:  5ft 4in
Weight:  122lbs
Build:  Willowy
Concept:  Thief Next Door
Profession:  Pickpocket
Virtue:  Stubbornness
Vices:  Curiosity
Pack:  None
Public Effects:  Striking Looks: •
 Status (Crime): •
Tells:  Piercing Eyes
  Player:  Cinn

“All good things are wild and free.”
— Henry David Thoreau


A night wind comes blowing in, heavy and dark and exquisitely fierce. It rattles the windows and it howls against the walls. I see the storm-spirits that ride the tempest; they chitter with delight as it descends, gorging themselves on essence. Somewhere in the apartment I hear the meaningless static of a Netflix show that couldn't hold my interest for more than two episodes. I go out on the balcony, bare-footed. I start dancing. Rain soaks my hair, it pours down my face, it drenches my clothes. Lightning cuts violently through the night, illuminating the city for just a heartbeat. I continue dancing. I don't know why, but I need to move. I have to move. It is a whim, a strange compulsion, and it refuses to be denied. After a while, I go inside again. Later that night, I fall asleep, my cheek against one of the windows. My breath fogs up the glass. On the other side, raindrops drum softly against it. It is just the lightning that dances now.

I am not like the others. Not like the others.

Sofia is a pretty girl by most standards, about average height with a slender and lissome figure. Her complexion is smooth and pale, though regular visits to local tanning booths provides a subtle, year-round tan. Long chestnut hair frames her lightly freckled face, dark tresses spilling past her shoulders and flowing just almost all the way to the small of her back. Her eyes are an unusual strikingly blue colour — the bright hues of a cloudless midsummer sky, vibrant and deep and brimming with emotion. Her wardrobe is relatively plain, featuring an eclectic style of low-budget outfits: ordinary jeans, t-shirts, flannels, sweaters, blouses, and so on.

Walking her own path in life, Sofia is spontaneous, curious, and stubborn in equal measures, completely uninterested in the expectations placed on her by her family and by society in large. Her life is nothing short of bohemian, living day to day, and making a deliberate effort to appreciate each of those days to its fullest.

Roleplaying Hooks

Thieving Magpie (Crime):

Bluntly put, the wolf-blood is a petty criminal, relying on her innocent looks and sweet smiles to get her marks to relax and drop their guard before helping herself to their wallets, phones, or other valuables. People with connections to law-enforcement or other criminals might bump into her, and in a more general sense, anyone might be a potential former, current, or future pickpocket victim of hers.

Curious Cat (anyone/crossover):

Sofia has an insatiable curiosity, especially when it comes to matters of the supernatural. She investigates any and all rumours of haunted houses, of spirit disturbances, of occult books and trinkets, and all other things strange and weird. Of course, even more mundane oddities catch her interest: abandoned warehouses, forgotten cemeteries, or boarded up buildings are also places to be thoroughly explored.

Poet, Dancer, Singer, Dreamer (anyone):

It seems there is a sliver of the Gibbous Moon in Sofia, a hint of maddening inspiration that permeates her soul, that urges her to express herself in whatever ways she can. Places that offer poetry, music, or dancing might all pique her interest, and individuals with artistic natures might draw her attention. Sometimes they even keep it for a while!

Amateur Soccer Enthusiast (anyone):

Is there anything better than a team of eleven running up and down a field to utterly demolish their enemies by rolling a ball into a net-encased rectangle? Why, certainly and absolutely not. Do you play? Do you want to? Or perhaps you just bumped into her running at the track or doing some exercising in the gym? Either way, let's work up a sweat together.


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