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RP Hooks:

"Rumours that I can fly around the city are true, I just do it when nobody is looking."

A homeless woman who somehow manages to appear everywhere at once around the city. Some say she can fly but others know that a changeling can't fly.

"I don't get why you're so angry... they need your papa's wristwatch more than you ever did."

A known thief and "teacher" in the worst ways possible she seeks to give others a lesson in pride and selfishness. Hanging around places where those in need of a lesson gather.

"Hey, somebodies gotta keep the rats in line."

Likes to eat rats and often hangs around places rats are known to gather. This also leads to her second favourite habit of going to high places where she can watch people pass by.

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Snowy Strix


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Seeming: Beast

Kith: Gristlegrinder

Court: Winter

Position: None

Motley: None

Needle: Teacher

Thread: Friendship

Obvious Merits:

Striking Looks 2: Trustworthy


Anonymity 3

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Played By: User:TheWelshToast