Snakewater Swamp

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Snakewater Swamp
Chronicle Jericho
Room Type Other

Further east of Hutchin's Pond is a bog known as Snakewater Swamp. The stories that surround the swamp are wide and detailed, with everyone in town having their own version of its history. Despite the name, it isn't known for its snakes but instead the putrid smell and thick fog of mosquitos that are unrelenting in the summer. The origins of its name date back to the early 1800s when a doctor passing through town was attempting to sell the people of Grey County a cure all that was actually one part swamp water (albeit strained) and two parts moonshine. More patients grew worse than were cured under his watch and he and his business were run out of town shortly after. The name stuck. Or so one story goes at least... The deepest parts of the Swamp aren't truthfully recorded, but at least one pick up is sitting near the bottom and various additions of old bicycles, dumped animals, and random garbage have been rusting near the still surface for years.


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