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Skylar is a young woman often found wearing black and dark colours, or clothing adequately practical for the job at hand.

She's involved in multiple public projects that centre around education or production of food in some of the lowest socio economic or crime ridden areas of the city.

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RP Hooks
Hope and Food for All

One of her major passions is for Urban Gardens within the cities poorest and most crime ridden areas, with a key focus on those gardens producing exclusively food.

Community Fund Raiser

Those funds for soil and to build planters doesn't come from no where, and she's well known for encouraging communities to work together, pool their resources and produce a better outcome for everyone. Or something like that, if you've ever worked with her she's -remarkably good- at convincing others to do the administrative paper work, while she keeps talking.

Former Thief Gone Legit

If you knew her growing up back in Denver, you probably knew her as a rampant thief, pick pocket and burglar constantly stealing from humans in order to fund her packs needs. Since crossing the country and coming to New York though she's entered a new era, gone legit and now runs her own tiny security company that specialises in physical entry testing to property. When her community projects are having a hard time generating money, is when she's most active in this line of work.

Urban Exploration and Parkour

When she has time to relax amongst all her other work, this is the stuff she can be found doing.

Wolf Blood Rite Master?

Yes, well... Kind of? As much as one can cast pack rites with no pack. If you've travelled the states and ever been to Kansas City, Cincinnati or Pittsborough between 2014 and 2020, you may have encountered her, leading or participating in rites.

Fetish Construction

Born Under the Crescent Moon Skylar has a natural affinity for helping to pick just the right materials out for any fetish that's being built, and as a result makes them just that little bit sturdier.

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Skylar Addison

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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 26
Height: 5'8"
Pack: Death Rattle

Public Effects:
Kamduis-Ur's Blood
Crescent Moons Birth
Status: 1 Law & Gov. Security Contractor

Clever Fingers
Second Skin

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