XP Policy

From Dark City
  • Characters on Dark City gain a maximum of 5 experiences per month. We use flat XP, and a modified beat system. The Starting XP section on each sphere page is updated monthly by staff with the new XP total. That's how much XP everyone has, no matter when they joined and no matter how much they play.
  • New characters begin play with XP equal to 35 + 5 per month since start of game for a total of 72. This means new characters start with the same amount of XP as characters who have been in play since start of game.
  • You do not need to provide justifications for your XP expenditures with the following exceptions:
    • ALL: Civil Status over 3
    • Werewolf: Renown over 3
    • Vampire: All increases to Covenant/City Status since Character Sanction