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  • You must get approval for your PRP before you begin running it, even if you are using one of the Pre-Approved NPCs.
  • Use the PRP Ticket template and submit your request to the relevant venue.
  • STs for Player Run Plots may involve their PCs in their own plots under the following circumstances (and please note, all must apply, not just one):
    • The character does not materially benefit from the plot. Your character can participate, but cannot receive equipment, goblin fruit, token materials, or any mechanically represented tangible award for having participated. Nor can they receive anything that might justify such an award in the future.
    • The plot does not present the likelihood of killing another character. If your plot is considered 'high threat', your character is going to sit it out. If another character were to die in your plot, and your character survived unscathed? Even if you were the most upright and honest of persons, the appearance of impropriety would not be pleasant for you.
    • You use a randomizer to decide who the antagonists attack first. This can take the form of a single die roll made in the open for all players to see.
    • Your character stays largely in the background. The plot is for the benefit of the other characters, not you. Let them solve the problems. Learn to ask "What do you think?" a lot.