Player Policies

From Dark City
  • Communication: Communication is a fundamental aspect of the game and the community. It is our expectation that you are capable and proactive with communicating your intent, your character's intent, etc.
  • Mental Health: We understand that many people live with mental health issues and fully believe in removing the stigma from those topics. We work hard to keep our community inclusive and safe, however, with running an online horror game, there are requirements and themes that may not be suitable for every player.
    Some requirements will include: taking initiative, communicating schedules, expressing boundaries, and discussing various out of character issues with STs or other players that may involve conflict resolution. All of these can induce anxiety and while we the staff try our best to either limit that or take the brunt of it, it happens, and we expect each and every player to be able to face these challenges or politely step back from the game.
    Real life and mental health come first and foremost, but the fundamental system for the game we’re running can not always be changed. These are the tools required. Before entering our game, please consider if this is the right environment for your mental health and safety. If you have any questions about how to proceed, please open a ticket and chat with an Admin.
  • Metagaming: You will get banned into the sun. Using any information from the wiki, player logs, or player profiles as IC knowledge without OOC permission/IC justification is grounds for removal. Don't do it.
  • Harassment: We have a strict No Assholes policy.
    • Harassment, including but not limited to unwanted sexual advances, bullying, and whisper campaigns, is grounds for immediate removal.
    • Harassing anyone based on their identity is grounds for immediate removal.
    • It is also never acceptable to contact another player to attempt to coerce, intimidate, or harass them into changing their IC actions. You can contact another player to attempt to cooperatively discuss mitigating the potential fallout of IC actions, but if they state they prefer to keep the matter entirely IC, that request must be honored.
      • For 100% clarity, if you harass anyone in any way, you will be removed immediately, banned, blocked, and unwelcome to return.
  • Conflict Resolution : All players of Dark City are adults, and we ask that you treat one another as peers. Not everyone can get along with everyone else at all times, and conflicts will naturally arise. If someone is upsetting you, assume they're not being intentional or malicious, and ask them to kindly stop. If they refuse, or if the behavior is excessive or antagonistic, contact Staff immediately.
  • Assume Positive Intent: Online communication can be tricky in the absence of tone and body language. We ask that you assume the best of both staff and your fellow players.
    • If someone says something that upsets you, by all means bring it up, but do so in such a way that presumes the other person didn't mean to upset you.
    • Likewise, if someone suggests something you did or said has upset them, be gracious and apologize for it.
    • Open and honest communication helps keep the game fun and casual during easy moments, and makes it possible for tense moments to take place without hurt feelings and in a continuum of trust.