Simon Orland

From Dark City

Arriving from Europe with the highest fashions, he has missed no opportunity to demonstrate them. More than anything else, it would be easy to believe that he's exactly what he presents, a flippant and talented gentleman with an eye for historic artifacts and those talents that bring their contemporaries into the world. There's more when you follow that gaze back to him, when you really look into the eyes of someone who has been farther and seen more than the face he wears.

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RP Hooks
• Patron of a Better Way: Wealth has a function, one which in its use demonstrates its failings. As a patron of artists, more art is created, but who really gets to enjoy that artistry? One of his requirements of patronage is that the art is not only for those who have wealth... what that means is a matter for the artist's infinite creativity.

• Keeper of Mysteries: Library walls filled with books litter the space behind his eyes, it is there to be drawn upon in times of need. More names and legends and secrets have been written than he has seen, but what he has seen is there ready to be used as needed... for a price.

• Flotsam on the Currents: There's a certain amount of work that goes into Simon's general pursuits. Mostly, he has been moving, collecting, and displaying items of antiquity, feeding some perverse need in himself to collect those objects he may have collected personally if he'd been alive to collect them when they'd been new. More than one precious object has come into his ownership, only to be stored in a vault where it could be safe. Perhaps a time will come when the collection will go on exhibit.

• Condemned to Live: Do you want to be there to see the lights go out and the curtains close at the end of the show? That's the question that had to be considered when the matters of Simon's new life came to full light. The answer, he decided, was yes and more. Question is... does he have to do it alone... can the show instead go on?

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Simon Orland

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Full Name: Simon Orland
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Antiquarian (Occultist)
Apparent Age: Late 20s
  • English
  • French
  • Arts •
Public Effects:
  • Closed Book
  • Striking Looks 2 (Commanding)
  • Unearthly Beauty

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Played By: Revelry