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Born in a remote Alaskan village, Simon's family was local Forsaken and other Blooded.

A disagreement between the Forsaken and Pure of the area forced him to leave his home and survive on his own under the strong possibility of death at the hands of the Pure. Catching a flight with a bush pilot, he got to the States and New York, and has been inserting himself into the urban wilderness as much as possible, keeping his head down and ears open.

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RP Hooks
  • Ears Everywhere- Simon is the embodiment of New York Hustle. The man seems to always be either working or on his way to work. He's got his foot in so many door, he knows people in just about every part of town.
  • Where the Humans Are - While being Blooded, Simon makes it a point to keep himself involved with 'The Herd' as much as possible, but is starting to warm up to the People of the city.
  • Hawkeye He Aint - One of the few hobbies that Simon has is so spend a few hours at the archery range when he can and hit some targets. He's competent with a bow, but nowhere near an expert.
  • Self Sufficient Grower - Growing up in the wilds of Alaska, Simon learned to be able to survive how he can, as a result, he's taken to growing his own produce when the opportunity arises.

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Simon Hill/Gallery

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Simon Hill

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Tell: A Wolf's Meat
Tell: Tongues
Striking Looks: 2(Trustworthy)
Anonymity 1

Age: 27
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'4"
Occupation: Miscellaneous

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Played By: nbdyhome